Vote Yes or No to create Weapon Animations!


The whole reason I want to play a Monk is to punch demons in their damned throats! (pun was !@#$ing intended!)

then equip h2h weapons. :/
You do realize there are h2h weapons in the game right?
This is a HUGE issue for me, so I will gladly articulate my stance:

Yes - animate the fist weapons (either holding them - in hand - or using them during various skills).

Yes - the Diabo should have unique animations for respective skills.

Specific suggestions:

Fists of Thunder: All three attacks should use a unique animations for the Diabo: two swing attacks (left, right) then a final, finishing move (something fancy!). :)

Deadly Reach: First attack should be with Diabo (like a thrust attack), other 2 attacks stay the same, but Diabo stays in-hand.

Crippling Wave: first 2 attacks should use Diabo animation (big, sweeping attacks), last attack can incorporate Diabo as a jump-spinning attack or just hold the Diabo during the kick animation.

Exploding palm: This one will be tough. Conceptually, the Exploding Palm is all about pressure points - using a Diabo just doesn't seem right... keep it on the back?

Dashing Strike: Thrust using the diabo.

Lashing Tail Kick: Diabo can stay on back or hold in hands during animation.

As for the other weapons (sword, dagger, axe, etc.), this is a bit more tricky. I would prefer that the animations are included in some unique way (they are obviously different than fist weapons and diabo), but I know this would take a lot of work... At the very least, the fist and diabo need to be accommodated.
NO, except for staff and fists.

Have other weapons HIDDEN on the monk and show just fists.
I think a monk should know how to use his own claws and daibos, but I don't mind if he doesn't bother perfecting the art of swordsmanship. I mean come on, he has stuff to do.
Yes, for daibos & fist weapons. Perma sheath anything else or restrict them.
Fist weapons should be allways animated. Other weapons should be sheathed, only exception to this is for daibos or like weapons for skill animations that could utilize them such as crippling wave.
of course yes... atm it hinders the experience once you notice this flaw.
Couldn't give less of a !@#$, more worried that the AH cant stay up more than grandpa without his cialis

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