How will Pets Scale in End Game Inferno?

Witch Doctor
Im curious how well the pets will scale in End Game Inferno?
When we look at the +hp items we can get for the Witch Doctor, there is nothing really for the pets that can give them such a dramatic boost?

So i would suggest that pets scale in hp/damage/mitigation linked to our characters gear.
I do understand pets scale when we lvl up, but that doesn't look like it will be up to par for inferno when we look at end game gear.
As of right now, based on the minimal testing beta players have done, they scale directly with the +Attack stat. We don't know if this effects their Def, HP or anything else. With the changes to skills now not only will they power up with your levels but most of them do damage based on your weapons damage.

Also with the Fierce Loyalty passive they'll gain benefits from your gears HP regen as well as thorns, and also not to mention Zombie Handler buffing their HP 60%.

That's all we know at this point. It would be relatively easy for a level 13 WD player to test out what effect's the Mongrels power (outside of attack) in terms of gear, but no one seems to be wanting to do it.
Id be interested too in some hard statistics even though they are based on beta
I think you'll find Blizz learnt a lot in D2 about what does and doesn't work for pets in high difficulties.

They will be actively adjusting skills to keep them all viable in the end game. I don't think we have to worry about summons being useless in Inferno because you have people actively adjusting the game.

Blizz work hard to keep as many skills interesting and viable as possible and this will continue into inferno difficulty I have no doubt.
Yeah i anticipate an problems with pets in Inferno at first but i also anticipate a quick and solid solution. I have a feeling that WD will do the best in Inferno aside from the Barb
I think the Witch Doctor that is specced pets will have a better chance of survival if he disconects, the pets could take the aggro off him for a measly 10 seconds

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