How do i claim taxes I am 14 years old

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No you would not be an independant contractor for blizzard. You will not be working for blizzard, you will be buying and selling items directly to other players using a service provided by blizzard.

No different then buying/selling on ebay or out of an auto trader.

This also means you do not have to pay tax ont he money you earn through the RMAH.

Negative. Ebay as an example
"The IRS rules are clear: you must pay taxes on all personal and business income and that includes money you make selling on Ebay."

But then it would cost IRC much more than the amount you could make from RMAH if they choose to investigate the case.

in another word

Don't worry about it

I'm from Canada so it is most likely different here when it comes to the tax system. When you start your own company you are given a GST number.

Currently when you contract your company out you charge the customer 5% gst. That 5% is then paid directly to Revenue Canada, Canadas equivilent to the American IRS. They know how much you make based upon the 5% gst you pay.

Since we will not be paying that 5% gst on items we buy nor will we be charging it, there is no way for them to know we are even making money from the RMAH.

For example, if I sold my sled to John Smith for $6000, I don't need to charge him 5% gst as it is not considered a taxable income. It will be no different with items in D3.

I do agree with you though. If the category of selling virtual items is/does become a taxable income, a single person will never make enough to spark the interests of the CRA/IRS.

The only way you could make enough for the CRA/IRS to even be bothered would require you to have many ppl, which you would obviously be paying, farming items for you.
i think so too other wise you'd see 5 year olds at super markets haha
You don't need to pay taxes, just send 25% of your paycheck straight to AIG.
Pretty sure you won't make enough money on D3's irl AH to even report taxes, kid.

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