Losing Experience when you die

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will this happen on nightmare and above like in D2?
Doubt it. No one likes to lose level progress anymore.

Durability and possible gold loss is what I am guessing.

They might even take out the gold loss part.
i just thought it encouraged people to switch to hardcore mode ^_^
Hope not, if I want to be punished for dying I will play HC or real life.
So far the only 'confirmed' negative outcomes to death (softcore!) are a durability loss (gold) and a slight time loss due to being removed from the combat area and having a short trek back.
I would like to see this in return.

Getting to 60 will be far more easier (probably) then getting to 99 (which i never did, highest was 97). Any delay because of death to extend the joy of leveling will be welcomed, at least by me.

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