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how to become proficient at end game diablo? well you need gear. not just weapons and armor, but runes + gems. since everythings based on weapon damage your gonna want a good weapon. however the single most important thing end game you could have is runes. now to get to farming asap, you will need to have each skill hold a different rune, because chances are your getting each sort of rune randomly, so you'll always have one high level of each rune. and i guess red gems for life. until you have great gear, your gonna switch to MF @ the end to farm more efficiently, making runes and weapons your primary source of damage, with green gems for moar MF

good plan?
So the exact same strategy for every action rpg.

Acquire better gear.
Change your gameplay to fit what's needed.
Lots of Mountain Dew.

Sounds like a plan but i prefer coffee.

/sips coffee
Real men drink tea.

09/27/2011 01:10 PMPosted by Terminus
and i guess red gems for life.

That isn't what red gems do.

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