Demon Hunter

Hungering Arrow with Obsidian will be a weak hatred generator, but has the potential for high damage. Floating between that and Golden
Multi-shot Crimson will be the hatred dump for high damage at high range, AND AoE (should also benefit from Steady Aim)
This build doesn't use too much Discipline, so Alabaster Vault will be a good source of both mobility and utility.
Crimson Elemental Arrow will be a low-hatred cost way to both slow the enemies and do moderate damage.
Crimson Fan of Knives will be both an "oh crap" button and do high damage at the same time.
Obsidian Turret will make the Turret a pretty awesome source of damage.

Steady Aim should benefit all these abilities except Fan of Knives.
Archery over Cull the Weak because i only have two slow abilities, didn't see a better option.
Going into a fight with Sharpshooter stacked and using Crimson Mutli-shot will wipe the floor with your enemies.

Criticism and thoughts?
This build doesn't seem to be strong in any area. Looks like you are trying to have high crit with Archery and Sharpshooter. Seems like Hungering Arrow with Spray of Teeth would do more damage.

Your Hatred Spender is Multi-Shot and you maximized its AOE damage. How will you spend Hatred in Boss fights (Single Target)?

I feel like there may be overlap with Hungering Arrow and Elemental Arrow. In what situation would you use 1 over the other?

I can see you would Fan of Knives and Vault to get away. There may be some overlap because Fan of Knives slows for 4 seconds and Vault stuns for 3.5 seconds. Maybe consider using a different Runestone for Vault.

I think overall it would work.
Does Multishot hit the same mob more than once if you're close enough? I don't care to watch any videos at the moment.

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