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10/04/2011 10:57 AMPosted by Burzghash

so much for the out of combat ideas, unless developers feel like delaying up coming games or features of diablo by redirecting the programmers to this issue, where probably stuck with the in town swap.

heard this idea in the same thread and i think could counter the in combat switching, given there would be an existing mechanic to hook up to

not an exact qoute only the parts i liked

Bashiok's reply did not say they would not dedicate the resources to programming an in-combat/out-of-combat state.

yes but he never said they would, maybe hinting that the in town requirment is somthing they could quickly and with out much cost tap into for swapping restrictions? i remeber reading a post that there current solution was the in town only requitrment

The comments by bashiok i think were just to let the general population know what would be involved with an in/out of combat solution which would only cost blizzard time and money to implement, i know it wasnt stated that they would/or wouldnt. It just came to mind that the in town only would be cheaper/more time effecient.

I was hopeing people would give different ideas other than the combat swap after seeing that quote.

for example
option c - depleteing energy globes and preventing regeneration of the characters resources for X amount of time, like 10 sec maybe?

everything else i see are the in town/combat or swapping cd's, just with different specifics.

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