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SHould've waited to make this thread when the second wave went out.
Deleted by derp
Nobody is getting in, 99% of the people posting in these threads are just stating that they DIDN'T get it, myself included.

Give it a another month or 2, then u might have a chance.
09/29/2011 06:58 PMPosted by Blackluc
Only a few people really posted in my thread about the real purpose of it. I don't think this new one will be any better :(

I tried to get them back on track... but I dont think it helped.
Getting in to the beta would be awesome... I have a computer built for gaming with 2 way SLI and Nvidia 3D Vision... I'd love to see what Diablo 3 looks like in 3D.

Every day that passes I keep checking my profile in hopes of being one of the lucky people to get in the beta... I was a beta tester for Sims Online, Ultima Online 2nd Age, Anarchy Online but that doesn't compare to Diablo 3 >=)


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