Best Way to Play Monk

Confirmation as information from blizzard, not just what you think. Did you even read what I posted?
You have zero understanding how runestones work whether you played the beta or not. Because they are NOT included in the beta, you goof.
So the only place information that is available is from blizzard, Ie. Their site.
So when it says affected that doesn't imply hit, now does it?

Read between the lines:

Crippling Wave applies a Daze effect for X seconds on every hit. The only other skill that applies any sort of "effect" on a target is the third strike of Exploding Palm but that is irrelevant since we're discussing Crippling Wave here.

Enemies that are Dazed are "affected".

Alabaster Rune effect on Crippling Wave states: "Affected targets take 50% additional damage from all attacks for 6 seconds.

Simple reading comprehension my friend. Just like if a rune says "Increase damage to 175% weapon damage" it doesn't take a blue to tell you what that does.

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