Will people quit WOW coz of D3?

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Yes, though for me not coz of D3. I played WoW for 5+ years, 240 days of play time (yes, it was a lot), quit last Christmas, and I've never looked back. Life has never been better. I feel clean!!!
Will the world stop rotating when Chuck Norris lies down to die?
The only thing can kill wow is now RMAH , now RMAH is in D3 every1 will quit wow and start farming on D3
Blizzard predicted that people would stop playing WoW when D3 came out because the games are similar (in that they're both multiplayer RPG loot-fests). This is why they introduced the RMAH - to milk out the additional money that they'd be losing from people not playing WoW.
Ofc. ..... D2>WOW sooo... yeah

coming from a 2500 lock
I will, already plan on it. Might check out 4.3 some. But im burnt and ready for D3 cannot wait.
10/05/2011 07:33 PMPosted by Deadhand
I've already quit WoW for D3. Now I just need to stop paying for it too -,-;

Right I always get billed a day or two before I remember ...
i did. deleted all my toons and destroyed the CD keys., sooo ready 4 D3!!
WoW will never end, but when the day comes that it is no longer online, I know what will happen.

You will seek out a park that hasn't been used in while and make every blade grass, every tree, every brick, into the Arathi Basin. You will go there on weekends, and on the other side of the city people will hear, For The Horde!

Trust Me
I had loads of fun with WoW but I can't believe how much time I dedicated to that game... I love the solo-able aspect of the Diablo games. You can play 20 minutes and still enjoy it or spend a few hours and get a bunch done.
in short, yes. cuz i most likely will myself unless the game isn't too good, but its hard to imagine that d3 will be bad lol.
As soon as D3 goes live, all the people I play with are leaving WOW. many people my guildies know are doing the same. Will any come back? Time will tell.

But.. WOW had a great run, it was a amazing game, well ahead of the other games of the time. And it stayed ahead. But now, 7 or so years down the line, it is stale. It is time for another game.

I really wish another developer would make Blizzard work harder.
Yep gonna quit WoW and focus on D3 !
Well yeah I just ended my Wow subscription. Can't wait for D3!
World of Warcraft being a MMORPG it has one thing that D3 would never beat ... Socialization.

In D3 you are limited to your 3 friends in Coop play, while in WoW you got Multitude of people you can possibly interact with. Unless your a freaking Nerd anti-social Loner, then D3 suites you prefectly.

In my opinion people will quit but they will come back. Then if thats the case why quit? Lol

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