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Anyone going to buy Torchlight 2 to have a vice while waiting on Diablo? What I mean is something to keep you busy while you wait. And does anyone know when the release date is?
They decided to release a tl2 and then a mmo later
If it is out by October yes I will, otherwise just gonna play Battlefield 3
More than likely going to play Titan Quest: Immortal Throne as a holdover, Torchlight just doesn't hold a candle to Diablo.
They project late November according to the T2 forums.
Definitely!! hopefully it will come out before Skyrim though

Being playing Torchlight, slowly crawling my way to lv100 HC VC Vaniquisher
It's a huge maybe at this point.
I definitely enjoyed Titan Quest much more than Torchlight, but I'll still be getting TL2 when it hits.
Just got the Battlefield 3 beta and will probably play that. TL 1 was pretty fun though! Might be hard to resist if its out next month...
I'll be playing torchlight 2, swtor and maybe skyrim while waiting on diablo 3

I'm currently playing gears 3
going to play TL2.

D3 beta content is veeeeery limited. (boring already)
November? Going to be playing Skyrim then.
I might bite TL2. It's all about timing.
I originally wasn't going to as D3 was to be released by the holiday season and I experienced a serious glitch early on in Torchlight's life (as I purchased it on the release date.) involving the stupid cloud based save system.

but once I saw that D3 got pushed back I was like "ლ(ಠ益ಠლ), better get ready to buy TL2."
For $20 I will probably play TL2
no, i dont want no goshdarn torchlight 2...

i cant even begin to express my hatred for Runic games.. was anyone here in the Mythos beta back in the day?
when Mythos came out (back in like '08 i think?) i finally truly felt like my Diablo3 void had been filled... Mythos was SO good, i honestly didnt care about D3.. and then suddenly, without warning, it was gone... taken from me.. and i could never play again.

So imagine my relief when Runic games was formed.. and they claimed they were going to start fresh and build a new MMO.... and where is it? torchlight 2, no MMO .... what the hell? screw that!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!AAAHHHHH!!!!
seriously... i hate them so much.

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