Shield Love

My name is Sybridox and I'm a Barb-o-holic.

This class is easily my favorite. I can't wait to build myself a High Survival Sword n' Board Barb for HC. I've always been a big fan of shields and can't wait to see what the later difficulties have to offer. I was hoping for some shield skills to be available but there's nothing yet. Hopefully some are in the works for the final release. Nothing better than seeing the big backhand swing with a giant shield in your hand.

Anyone else a shield fan?
I am looking forward to playing a Barb tank too.
I am such a shield fan, I have wanted to make a dual-wielding shield character for years. But alas, no.
I do love me some shields! I'm sure I will always have one in my inventory.
I wish their was 1 or 2 skills that where shield specific
Sored and bored baby!!!!!!
Love my shields.
Going to make a shield using barb fo sho
Shield Love

*Picks up shield*

Ew! it's sticky! Now, see?! this is why I give all my shield drops to my Templar Follower!
I'm using a shield with my MF gear. +6% baby :D
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Ew! it's sticky!

You can't prove anything...
haha yeah i really want to make a "300 spartan warrior" using spear and shield, i even posted a complaint about how the 1 hand spear damage sucks, hopefully they will fix, but i agree, would love like just 1 skill shield related for tankers or something, like a shield bash that blinds enemies or regens life per hit, guess charge would seem pretty similar tho, i dont know :)
Cept the abs on the barbarian will be real and not airbrushed.
2h or gtfo.
Every class is going to want to have 1 of each equippable weapon type thats optimal for their class. Different situations will warrant a switch up of your current loadout to maximize party cohesion. For example:

- A party with a monk using Mantra of Ret w/ an Indigo rune (+40% atkspd) will want to use slower weapons with higher damage.

- Your party encounters a very fast, agile boss that cannot be snared or slowed. You would probably want to equip some faster weapons so you can get as many hits in as possible before the boss forces you to re-position.

Likewise, a barb will want to have a shield in their inventory since they have the best tank skills and passives to complement a party.
10/10/2011 10:57 AMPosted by Turboman
2h or gtfo.

A 2-handed shield? Excellent idea!
yeah good point.. where are all the shield skills?
10/10/2011 10:57 AMPosted by Turboman
2h or gtfo.

2h barbs seem to be overcompensating for a certain.... something.
dragon age turned me into a shield !@#$%. i can't wait for some beastly looking shields and bash moves!
Love this thread. Like many others I've seen, I always play tank classes and or Barb/Warrior. Always have and always will. Someone noted they were waiting for the days of dual shields rather than weps, I've felt the same way for years. I was realling hoping for some shield moves even if they were titled the same aka "shield bash", something in that nature. Anyhow, I'm hoping the harder modes including inferno require a tank like class such as SnB, that will make me very excited. TANKS FTW!!

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