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So I was just messing around looking at the different Witch Doctor skills when I decided that I wanted to make a spirit based build. After starting the build, I started to realize that potentially it would play like my affliction warlock from World of Warcraft. So I decided to try and make it as much like an Aff Lock as I could and this is what I came up with.

Not gonna go into great deal on why I picked the skills. Just thought it would be fun to try. I will relate what I think the skill relation to the Warlock skills are though.

Haunt = Haunt: Plain and simple. Using the Crimson Rune makes it even more so with the health return.

Soul Harvest = Drain Soul: Not quite the same insanely damaging spell like the WoW ability but (without seeing it mind you) in my head it kind of looks like the drain soul ability without having to channel it. Closest thing i could find

Spirit Barrage = Shadow Bolt: The runestone kind of ruins the potential appearance of the Shadow Bolt, however, it is the main spammable spell (just like SB)

Acid Cloud = Corruption: I was trying to decide if acid cloud would be more like corruption or unstable affliction. It wasn't really similar to either but because of the raw damage amount, I figured more like Corruption.

Locust Swarm = Unstable Affliction/Bane of Agony: Again was kind of trying to figure out a way this would be similar and it seems like it fits one of these two the best especially with the increased duration from the rune.

Spirit Walk = Demon Circle: Spirit Walk is almost like a teleport which is what Demon Circle did...I dunno just wanted to make the build have some survivability and it fits sort of :P

The similarities aren't perfect but it seems like it is almost there. Either way it looks like a fun dot based Witch Doctor build.

Lemme know your thoughts, and no worries if you think it is a terrible stupid build...its just a fun concept build so don't take it too seriously! :D
Forgot to mention. The passives actually synchronize pretty well with the build but one of them is kind of like Life Tap (Blood Ritual) and one provides an Affliction type effect (Pierce the Veil: Haunt provided a 20% boost to damage so kind of similar?). just more similarities :P
I don't see the need for two mana-regenerating passives if you're going to have four spirit spells under Rush of Essence. Locust swarm and acid cloud are expensive, but they're not going to need to be spammed because they're both DoT effects, and even WITH pierce the veil I don't think you're going to have too big of a mana issue. If you do though, you'd probably be fine with spiritual attunement over blood ritual, as even the most mana-intensive builds hopefully shouldn't need more than two regenerative passives.
i just want to make it clear, because i dont think some other people realize what exactly acid cloud with that rune is, it wouldnt be like anything (tho as a dot more like the burst of rain of fire)

with that rune, it changes the spell completely, its kinda subliminal, but if u think about that rune, it turns into acid rain for looks like everything on the screen (50 yard aoe is huge)

edit: also, locust swarm would kinda be more like shadowflame(or inferno from d2(sorc flame breathe)) mixed with rabies from druid in d2 (which is awesome)

haunt is actually more like one of the dots mixed with rabies as well

soul harvest is more like demon soul that gives a straight up dmg bonus, with the addition of having a dmg dealing shockwave with ur rune

just being technical, but yea, its a cool build / concept =]

heres my affl lock!fdb!Zccbcc

demo lock!Xdb!cccbca

destro lock!fdb!ZZcbcc

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