Well IGN says D3 will release in Feb

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Because if IGN says it, it must be true....
IGN has been crap for what, 10 years?

Let's listen to them.
Dammit, this makes me upset. I really thought the game was going to come out in February, but IGN saying it will confirms that it won't. >.<
is this the same dude that posted 15 threads about walmarts pre order date
I actually really like IGN
10/07/2011 02:46 PMPosted by Ktap
Stop making these threads, nobody outside of Blizzard knows.

Even Blizzard might not have a release date yet. Might not even be announced at BlizzCon.
"The bigger the bubble, the more popular the game"

I dont know why people bash IGN like mad, i think they are pretty solid...
dont even remember the last time I went to their site. IGN is junk now.

i went there when i wanted to find all the feathers and flags in assassins creed 1/2.

Well Batman says D3 will release in March.
They must be pushing for those big Valentine's Day sales.

Nothing says love like a D3 CE. Fact.
nowhere in this "article" does it say anything about release dates.

im not even sure what those months represent, maybe the last year of traffic on their website?
February 4th to be exact because it is my birthday

Remeber this date..

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