Critique my Dodge Monk

The "Donk". Wait.. that is a terrible name...

Anyways, I thought it might be fun to use Mantra of Evasion's Crimson Rune to do a lot of auto damage output, so this is what I came up with:!ZWd!aaccbZ

Alabaster Sweeping Wind: Gives a nice DoT AoE spell (kind of blends into the build idea). Not sure about alabaster, might want to go with Crimson for more DPS (but I like the idea of not having to keep it going every 5 seconds).

Alabaster Fist of Thunder: When I found this, I thought it would be pretty necessary. AoE damage on the last hit, spirit gain, interrupt attacks and a 20% more dodge (when fully stacked).

Obsidian Breath of Heaven: I wanted a healing skill (for just in case matter). I also liked the idea of a damage booster. So, this seemed like a pretty nice choice (and I only would have to cast it every 33~ seconds).

Obsidian Dashing Strike: 12 seconds of 30% more dodge and a quick way to get into the fight, nom.

Golden Wave of Light: I kinda wanted a way to spend Spirit and deal some more damage (other than my Spirit regains and by dodging), so I figured this would be a good way to deal with that. A 6 second cooldown isn't too bad.

Crimson Mantra of Evasion: Kinda the point behind the build :P

The Guardian's Path: More dodge
Sixth Sense: Even MOAR dodge
Exalted soul: I just kinda liked the idea of having 100 more spirit. Since my skills cost (10) 50 or 75, casting it more than once might be nice. I might look into another passive though (such as One with Everything possibly).

Let me know what you think and if you have any ideas. Thanks :3

Edit 2: Disregard what I said, I was derp.
Go with that passive change, One with Everything will help protect against magic attacks that you are vulnerable to, you can't dodge magic.

10/14/2011 11:43 AMPosted by StaIker
Edit: This is right before the Monk got "nerfed", so the values I stated are now wrong. Still stick with it though~ (wave of light is a bit disappoint now, however)

What nerf? If you are referring to the Runestone numbers, read the is now showing rank 4 runestone numbers instead of rank 7. Your numbers are still correct.
Ahh, I did not see that, gracious sir.
But yeah, I figured that might be a good move on the passive change :3

Thanks for the comment ^_^
The Dodge build has been nerfed :(

Here is the best build in my opinion. Still gets you to 100% dodge for 9 seconds and since dodge is a spirit heavy build I have added some more appropriate talents.!Zdc!aabZcZ
Read above posts, I made the same mistake~
This is what I've been thinking for AOE Dodge:!cWU!aZcYZZ

The fire damage is a bit higher and meshes with the mantra's theme, as well as doing some consistent AOE damage.

Fists, Fists, Sweeping - will keep your aoe going and your dodge building.

Obviously Dashing strike to start the chain, maybe jump around to keep the dodge up.

I didn't keep the passive based on my weapon preferences, since the dodge is multiplicative, the 10% isn't that much. One with everything will keep the defenses up for magic, and the mantra passive will help with spirit regen to keep me close to my spenders.

Since the *oh sheeit* button is a 60s cooldown, I don't always have to have full resources, and SSS is something I will save for single strong targets.

Will stack precision and a single resistance (thus finding "the perfect gear" will be less of a hassle than finding 5 mods i need). The resistance is obvious, but the precision will double as a burst damage increaser through crits as well as a dodge increaser, which in turn increases my sustained AOE damage.

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