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Will you be tackling the game through public games the whole way, or are you more devout on keeping your adventure private? Will you be soloing against the forces of evil, or will you be partying it up with a very specific set of individuals?

Keep it simple, I'm just looking for your first playthrough in your responses (since I know most people will be playing every single character)! I'll start.

Monk (male) - myself
Demon Hunter (female) - girlfriend
Wizard (female) - girlfriend's roommate

Planning on playing through at least Normal difficulty. Girlfriend and I will go all the way to Inferno for sure, though.
I'll be making public games until I find half decent people to play with.

WD or Barb first
Ill be playing female wizard unless I get a taste of beta and another class just blows me away. I have one friend who will be getting the game as well and he will likely play a Barb. We'll def run through together for first run through but I don't mind pickin up pubbies along the way or getting some guildies involved as well
Absolutely private, no bones about it.
Torn between the monk and the wizard. My wife will most likely play the wizard though, so I might as well play the monk just so we can compare what they do. As for pub vs private games, private all the way.
Public Games. I want to adventure with random people at all times!
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Girlfriend and I will go all the way

I lol'd at this.

Anyway, I will be playing a male barbarian most likely in all private games the first time through Normal, so I can fully experience the story at my own pace. Doh, guy above me said like exact same thing in same words. -.-
Hardcore mode. Sixteen Barbarians.

Call of the Ancients: Duty of the Clan
Boon of Bul-Kathos
Ill be playing private games with my friend all the way through hell, and probably through inferno as well. Im rolling a barb, hes either gonna be a monk or WD. After that, ill do public games for the most part, with a mix of HC and SC.
Private games with my GF and Father.

Me: Male Monk.
GF: Female Demon Hunter.
Dad: Male Barbarian.

I also plan on having a Male Wizard on the side to play with, for times when neither of the others want to play. Mostly because I love the look of the Disintegration Ray.
My biggest problem is there is 5 people who want to play with me on diablo3... so needless to say I'll be in a party but I don't know with who yet
I intend to play through normal solo and learn how my class works and enjoy the story at my own pace. Nightmare and Hell I'll probably PUG depending on where my friends are. Once me and my friends are 60 then 4x Inferno sounds like a lot of fun.
public for the most part there's no reason to play as private unless you just wanna be alone, everyone has there own loot table drop so you dont have to worry about everyone taking all the stuff before you even get a chance to click it. As for first char prolly Barb or Wizard (male) Girlfriend will prolly end up being a wizard (Female) And i have alot of WoW and RL Buddies that will end up rolling with me heh :)
so far pubs really annoy me. I hate when they just run straight for the boss. I like to clear everything and just enjoy myself.

It'll be better when I can co-op with friends who will wanna enjoy it as well
ill do public after a while and try to find some fun people to play with. i'm not overly concerned about composition though.

initially though, i am going to solo because i explore like a crazy person and go into every single nook and cranny and breakable object and monster i physically can my first while, and i know i will drive anyone i play with insane.
Private Games with for first Play through
my bro (monk)
best friend (witch doctor)
Other Friend (undecided)
OF's Wife (Wizard or DH)
Me (Wiz or Barb) depending upon OF's Wife.

Yes I know that's 5 not 4 but We all know we wont always be able to play together at all time we all work and have careers except my brother who is still in college so we alternate.
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Depends... is your girlfriend's roommate single? ^^

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