So, what's your Party?

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I think first playthrough will be

Wizard - me
Witch Doctor - Wife

After that I am hoping to ninja enough WOW guildies to run 8 mans

Monk (male) - myself
Demon Hunter (female) - girlfriend
Wizard (female) - girlfriend's roommate

I think you should try something besides D3...

Something else that has a three in it maybe? o.o

Haha. But for srs... I think I have at least two friends certain on playing; I'll be a Male Monk, other guy probably a female wizard, roommate... not sure what he wants to play. He's keeping D3 on the down low so as not to be to psyched up about it. Haha.
Bahahahaha at the comments about my girlfriend's roommate. ^.^

I like you guys. But please stay on topic! I really enjoy what everyone is interested in doing first, whether it's public, private, solo, hardcore or with close friends. Uh...I'm talking about Diablo III. >.<
I'll have a char for my provate sessions, prolly a monk, and another one for playtroughs with a pal. That's most likely going to be a wiz. If my friend wants a ranged char, I think I'll play a barb instead.
I'll be rolling up a Wizard first. My two roommates will have a Barbarian and Monk.

At some point early on I'll be trying out the Demon Hunter as well to see which ranged class I like better. Dunno what they've got next on their lists.

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