Please recommend a Diablo-esque game to play

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I recall seeing different previews for games meant to be Diablo III 's direct competition on gamespot/IGN. I remember thinking they looked pretty cool, but that I'd ultimately be playing D3. Now that D3 has been delayed to 2012 and I didn't get a Beta invite, I'd be willing to give these games a second look. If any of them are out I'd even consider buying one.

The problem is, for the life of me, I can't remember their names.

Mario Kart?
Sim City?

I'm bad at this...

*forever alone*
10/07/2011 01:36 PMPosted by Ripped
I can't remember their names.

Must not have been good enough.

Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

It's pretty similar to what Diablo III will be like.
Titan Quest (gold edition) is a good one.

I hear Torchlight is also nifty, but I've never played it.
Torchlight is great, you should definitely check it out. The sequel, which is supposed to come out this year, will have multiplayer. Just don't go overboard modding the game like I did, or you'll end up with an extremely unbalanced experience.

But it's true, nothing comes close to D2, except D3.
Torchlight, while rather overrated, is the closest you'll get.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Titan Quest. Definitely not a bad game at all.

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