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another marketing trick by blizz, 2000 keys is nothing, although i like how they switch to facebook so the people who want to get in, arnt just opted in and receive it and go meh with it. so +1/-1, so now im indifferent
200 for facebook kids a week? Its like all we've got here in an entire month. Great.
I see what you did there Blizzard.
I have only entered once so far. I am just wondering if your system will be able to get rid of the people with more then one email. Or is this sweepstakes just for the people who have the time to make unlimited entrys. checking unlimited emails to see if I have won, is something I no longer have time to do. I just know its something I have done in the past with an army of emails. It looks possible to do on this entry form. :/

surely this community isnt greedy. :P
Or just don't have time like me.
yay for Blizz :)
I got 1 question, example i'm not in the selected region for sweepstakes but i randomly choose any of them. Does that make me eligible to enter sweepstakes or there's something else might happen?
Thank you Lylirra for making this thread and clearing everything up.

This thread made me move from the "meh it's ok" to now actually signing up for the sweepstakes.

250 (150 regs plus 50 doubles) a week isn't bad when placed on top of the opt-ins.
Wow. Can't believe Australia is excluded from this :(

My birthday this month too, I thought damn here's a chance!.... shot down :(
just make a ton of email accounts your chances of winning go way up!!!!
In the extremely unlikely event that we do get two keys, are we allowed to send the second to someone residing in one of the excluded countries? Pretty sure it's yes, since they wouldn't be entering/winning a prize, but I just want to be sure.
Will the Australian gamers have a chance to obtain a Beta key for D3?
Odds of winning are astronomical. I understand that possibilities in this universe are Infinitely Endless... Although winning a key would be like the chance of PCH coming to my house with a giant check saying I'm paid in the shade.

Why not open a contest that relates to the game, or fanbase in some way other than a social media website....

I can think of dozens of things that would enable players to Earn a key rather than be selected out of a Deep Dark Hat.
This is fantastic :) Any additional means to get into BETA is a great thing. :)

A. The Diablo III Beta Key opt-in has not been replaced.

So I realize that the opt-in isn't replaced by the sweepstakes, but how many people get in by opt-in compared to the sweepstakes?
So if they are giving away essetially 250 keys a week for 8 weeks, why dont they send out more opt in invites? I really dont know how many opt in keys go out a week.
Seriously, you can't apply if you live in AUSTRALIA. We're not all redneck hippies who ride Kangaroos to work. What kind of law prohibits Australians from entering?

I'm not having a go at Blizzard, just whoever made these stupid laws, seriously! First, we don't have an R rating for games, so we can't get 18+ games like Mortal Kombat 9, now we can't even APPLY for a beta. What if We received a BETA invite via battle.net?

Will we be allowed to buy the game? What's going on here?

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