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I just read the whole law document for the Province of Quebec, and there are no rule that prevents the people there from participating. http://www2.publicationsduquebec.gouv.qc.ca/dynamicSearch/telecharge.php?type=2&file=%2F%2FL_6%2FL6R6_A.htm
Article 1 says it all.
In this document, publicity contest would be the "D3 Beta Key Sweepstakes".
might seem like a dumb question, but do we need to enter repeatedly every week to participate?.. or is it just a one time thing?

-nevermind.. just saw that zarhym already answered this question
Does it matter if the e-mail used for Facebook is different than the one used for battle.net?
10/13/2011 08:05 AMPosted by Destal
Does it matter if the e-mail used for Facebook is different than the one used for battle.net?

Yes, you will be banned from d3 for life!!

Read the rest of the thread before you ask questions!!!!!
dude its your own country u guys cant play games if they are "bad"
Every time a try to sign up for the sweepstakes.. the page gets stuck trying to constantly reload. Anyone else having this issue?

EDIT: Seems to have fixed itself. Im signed up!
If the winners need to have a battle account to download the beta client, wouldn't they need to sign up for a battle account to apply the beta key or be apart of the sweepstakes?

and if they dont have a battle account will key be given to someone like me who does have an account and check it daily?
Nice, really nice! One more chance for me to get my Beta Key!
Good to know, even though I highly doubt I'll get into beta lol.
You just need to delete all your cookies. that happened to me like the first day. deleting cookies from my browser fixed it.
Thank You for providing an alternate to Facebook!
Blizzard hates canada and australia!! lol
Home page of D3 "Blizzard Entertainment is giving away 2,000 keys for the exclusive Diablo 3 bata test over the next four weeks."

But when u click enter "Starting October 17, we’ll be randomly selecting 200 winners each week to receive a key to our exclusive Diablo III beta test. In addition, we’ll also be awarding a second key to every fourth winner chosen. Drawings will occur at the end of every Monday for 8 weeks for a total 2,000 keys."

So is it 1 month of give away b4 we can use the keys?
10/12/2011 05:07 PMPosted by Evolution
Why do we need this when you can just allow more to come through from the Opt-In???? Do you really need to have this contest? Just saying......

Because as always Blizzard cares more about new players than existing customers and their loyalty... not a surprise really but still a small slap in the face.
Seriously guys, why not Quebec?
Every damn province of Canada but Quebec, are you serious?
Why? And I'm not joking around it's really stupid.
don't get why 200 winners, only 50 receive keys? What do the other 150 get? Congrats, you were this close, but not close enough?

Or do 150 winners get one key, and 50 winners get two?

Reading can be rewarding.

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