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I bought that crazy laptop for an even crazier price not much more than a year ago. I totally hate it so far. It run hot, like REAL hot, like sometimes I cant even let my hand near the vent, it BURNS. It runs starcraft 2 like crap, pixels getting stuck in my screen, buttons start to not always want to get back up. Btw I take great care of my stuffs so its not me. Anyway Ill quit my rant.

Any suggestions for a good desktop?

Thank you.
Custom built. There's nothing as cost efficient nor as reliable than a well built custom system.

Seriously if you dont know how, but an old craptower for like $20 on craigslist and take it apart to get a feel for whats up.

then build one xD just for the love of god no low power hard drives less you wanna have to start from scratch every 3-9 months lol.

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