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got this link from a thread in trading forum


its about the rmah and kinda hard to hear

but it confirms the rmah in "the west "will have a small posting and sale fee

also that the Gah will be 1 ah for the world ..and the rmah will be broken up by regions. but not really region locked. as a na player i can post stuff in the eu .. but my blizz account will then have some Euro's in it. and someone in china can post to the na server ..but they would get paid in usd and have to convert it to rmb..for the conversion fees.

(it wasn't stated that way just my assumption )

i might have miss heard though the concept though.

Again .. bliz is not making this system as a money making opportunity. they are expecting most people to sell stuff on the rmah and then use that to buy stuff.. they really don't expect anyone to make a lot of money.(accept Blizzard)

So by the looks of this everyone who plays d3 will be taking part in one economy via the gah with more pricey items ending up in the rmah.

my guess is once they get the gah fully functional they might do open beta a month before the release to get a real test of the gah

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