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Open Beta to all fans of Diablo for Christmas. Give back to the fans who make this all possible. In return, we will do the ultimate stress test on the servers before Diablo III is released in January.

If you want to be in beta and help stress test the servers, then let Blizzard know by replying to this thread.
i want open beta now!! =(
i wouldn't mind beta now dying here
you forgot the Dear Santa,
Well we need some beta exp Soooooo

Give me some, or i will continue do this ;D
though petition threads are not allowed .. i have been rambling on for a week that open beta starting before christams would be great
That would be really cool :)
Come on beta key
Yes please!

I bet someone is about to jump in and laugh at all the beggars soon tho...
All i want for christmas is my two front (beta keys?)
Aye, two weeks before christmas prefferabley so that all the server techs or whomever didn't have to sit there on Xmas day trying to fix everything after they crash ten million times.

But, this would be AWESOME.
i agree.. or just start giveing out Beta keys in the thousands.
Yeah, we all want to play the Diablo 3 demo for Christmas!
making not one but to boxes of mac and cheese
This would be utter chaos... and would also never happen.
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Well if the game is basically finished and only server issues need to be addressed, an open beta would be beneficial to test their servers.

Unless they are confident their servers can handle everyone (which is probably the case) then an open beta wouldn't be necessary.

I would like to participate and play the beta though, open or closed. :|

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