Azmodan, Lord of Sin

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im pretty sure that asmodan is the act 3 boss

belial is act 2

not sure about act 1 (its not skeleton king)
yeah i think Diablo or his brothers will appear in act 3 and 4, or an expansion i guess
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Since we will be confronting Azmodan and Belial in the new game I'm excited to find out how the three brothers are going to fit into the story. I taste expansion material definetly since numerous times it was said that Diablo has the richest lore of all 3 franchises. Cheer!

ahh yes this is an good interpritation, others said that perhaps its diablo inside her. i thought mabe he ment humans but ure right i think. i just hope diablo dont turn out to be a chik that would seem to be kindof lame and boring
I can't wait to slay Azmodan ^ ^. He comes off as such a joke when compared to the Prime Evils, even the other Lesser Evils seem more intimidating then he is >.>
just because diablo may be inside of her doesnt mean he is now a female he is still the same old diablo we love (or hate)
You are also not the only one to think that, there is 1001 threads on this in General. There is also just as many saying that Azmodan is talking to Lilith who may have been the one that tricked them all.

Now THAT is a theory that is just likely to come true. For those of you reading the sin war trilogy (or have completed it) Lillith is a devious, cunning seductress that never seems to go away. Her ultimate goal is to rule sanctuary, and is hostile to both Heaven AND Hell based on her rebellion with inarius and thus creating sanctuary in the first place.

I don't think everyone realizes that Lillith could be a huge factor here, and it seems very logical for this to be true. Why would Diablo kill his own "bretheren?" Despite being very cunning and devious he has always been loyal to his brothers who are the prime evils. It seems much more likely that a more sinister plot is arising. One that Lillith had HOPED to accomplish in the sin war trilogy, but failed to complete due to Uldyssian's sacrifice.
Also, as a side note I am going to claim that Azmodan is the act boss for Act 4. "You will know where he is by act 4, you just can't get to him because he is behind an army of demons" suggests that you will fight through a horde of demons in act 4 to get to him.
Posted this in another thread.

Simple. I believe that Leah will be the one to see through Belial's lies. And Deckard Cain is Belial in disguise. The Lord of Lies probably posessed Cain years ago, most likely when Deckard was a young boy. Both Belial and Azmodan wants the black soulstone, but the vestigal remnants of Diablo has plans to crush both.

How? By using each other's plans against the other. And Leah is a intregal part of this plan.

To draw out Belial require that Azmodan be weakened. And to do that the heroes are required. The Belial we fight in act 2 will most likely be a decoy, and the true Belial is somewhere.

When we cripple Azmodan , the true Belial will appear. He will deal the final killing blow to the Lord of Sin. And what he says to Azmodan will mention that the pusball was one of his many puppets and that the Lord of Sin has outlived his usefulness.

With Azmodan's death, his armies dissolves into a state of civil war. Diablo takes this opportunity to secure his place, and as Belial tries to take the Black Soulstone for himself, Diablo kills him in the process. It is then absorbed by Diablo himself, with Leah as the host. But Leah's psyche overtakes Diablo, and she, in the process committs suicide in her new demonic body, ending Diablo for once and for all.
that was Azmodan... of sin : greed, gluttony...what more do u want then a fat demon who wants to be the number one guy in the burning hells?
Seeing the theories of Leah being Diablo made me think that maybe she is only half demon, having a human mother and possessed father. This could lead to some interesting internal conflict considering her own humanity. Kind of like the Queen of Blades.
As BoC says that the Lesser Evils are not exactly in any way shape or form lesser. They were overcame by the Primes because they worked solo unlike the 3 who complement each other.
Judging by artwork that depicts Diablo himself very often....I highly doubt that Azmodan is actually the true final boss of the game.

The way he speaks to Leah implies that he is "on to her" she has some grand scheme that she has been playing at, and that he "defied her" as she eliminated their brethren one by one.

He speaks to her as if she IS Diablo in my opinion, and judging by that same artwork; Diablo has a very slender, feminine like figure.

It's already been established that the Dark Wanderer was King Leorics long lost son; Aidan, a great warrior. Adria was Leah's mother, and Leah seems to be aware that her father was a great warrior.

Am I the only one putting two and two together? Dark Wanderer is Leah's father, and I'm willing to bet that when she was conceived Aidan was already bearing within him Diablo....

$20 says Diablo imparted a part of himself with Leah and he as been reborn...albeit this a she!

and that is also how the heroes came to be as well as sanctuary. but not diablo as part, but angel and demon not deamon and nephalem. which would just make a wierd 2/3 demon 1/3 angel combination.
Diablo will be the Act 4 boss. Any other option is foolishness. The game is called 'Diablo' and there are images of him everywhere produced by Blizzard.

There are many strong implications that Belial, the Lord of Lies, will be the boss of Act 2. Equally strong implications that Azmodan will be the boss of Act 3.

Don't let curiosity overshadow common sense here. Diablo will undoubtedly be the Act 4 final boss.

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