Why did you buy the CE?

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I just wanted the CE since I got serious about wanting D3 all together. Aside from knowing there would be an art book, sound track, and behind the scenes I was most happen to find the SC2 avatars and the diablo skull (though I still wish D1 was on it, but I understand that it's SO outdated it'll hardly run on modern PCs). If only we knew more about the archangel wings! I'll be happy to show those off after every boss kill. XD
The skull and USB soulstone sold me,
but the in-game stuff is great too!
I didn't.

Next question.
The only reason I'm buying the CE is for the in game items and the artwork and DVD making of.

I already have D2 with expansion and I'm not big fan of the music

So yeah I guess ill be paying the big bucks just supporting Blizzard and a game I hope to enjoy for years.
I'm buying it 'cause I haven't been this excited over a game since, um, Diablo II.
The dyes. My fiance wants the art book and all the other things in there, so I figured I would just get one CE instead of two and give her all the other non-digital goodies she loves.
I'm buying it for the box.
A high quality cardboard box that will withstand decades of display and put a smile on my face everytime I look at it.
The sweet box
Best part of Blizzard CEs
Yeah the custom Thor from SC2 is fine and all (even though Thor is being removed in HotS wtf) but the box is the best part.
I will purchase the collector's edition because I didn't buy the CE for vanilla WoW and I've always regretted it! Won't make that mistake again.
My first collectors edition cause diablo 2 was the game I played the most out of any blizzard game. WoW is a close second.
Because of all the Blizzard Universes, the Diablo universe I have spent the most time with over the years. It is also what introduced me to Blizzard games back with Diablo I, along with Starcraft I.
Art and the DVDs about the making of. That stuff fascinates me.
The USB and the ingame wings.... and was hopeing they would annouce that if you get a CE you will get a Beta key.. kind of why im still waiting till this friday, cause its payday. but still getting a CE regardless if i get a Beta key or not from Preordering.
they all pretty much awsome
I was not disappointed with the SC2 set...so, I doubt I'll have any reason to be disappointed with the D3 set. It is almost a direct clone. Sometimes, I still pop the disc into my stereo as I'm driving. One thing that wasn't mentioned in the SC2 pre-release was the inclusion of guest passes. If you have friends that you think may be interested in D3 but are gun shy, buy the CE and we may luck out with guest passes again. Although SC2 is a more appealing game to throw these passes into, D3's new party-first model is a prime candidate. Hook 2-3 new players through a hardcore....right up Blizzard's alley.

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