Great Evils and Lineage question.

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So the Great Evils (Prime and Lesser) were all the heads of Tathamet.

However Andariel (Lesser Evil) is the daughter of Lilith (not a lesser or greater evil) who is the daughter of Mephisto (Greater Evil).

I understand that demons don't reproduce like humans but wouldn't this make Mephisto and Andariel brother and sister?

I haven't read some of the novels for a few years so I may have forgotten something important but I don't recall reading anything about Anu and Tathamet before, is this new lore?
Anu and Tathamet are new additions established for the Diablo creation mythos told in the upcoming Diablo III: Book of Cain.

Yeah but when I caught sniff of these new developments regarding the Dragon's seven severed heads before BlizzCon, Andariel and her family relations was also my initial confusion. However while Book of Cain is to finalize, tidy up, and recon some older Diablo lore, it wouldn't be that big of a recon in removing Andariel's family background being Lilith's daughter (and in extension: Mephisto's granddaughter, Diablo/Baal's great niece etc. etc.) even if the Diablo lore community throws a tantrum.

Book of Cain does include background info on each of the Seven Evils, so the matter probably may offer some sort of lore explanation to this change under the "Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish" section. Or should I dare Blizzard instead weave some twisted Prime and Lesser Evil relationship between Mephisto and Andariel?

None of the Sin War books ever mention Lilith's family outside her brother and the Prime Evils.
The problem is that Lilith is not present in the "in-game" lore.
Considering the new plot twists, and the sidenote from metzen, sayn that the old lore was a little messed up due to several hands on the same project, i think it would be safe to say that
Lilith will remain out of the scene, not becoming a lesser nor prime evil, as well as inarius which wont be in the game, probably.

This would make Andariel one of the lesser evils, but nothing more than that. No family at all.
Lucion, the other son of Mefisto is not even mentioned in the game too. As well as other demons like kabraxis and a lot of other stuff that are strictly booklore.

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