so i hear the pillar is making the cut...

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that was tldr?

perhaps you shouldnt be going to forums, where one might hafta read words.... ill never get this tldr thing... (unless they truly are huge posts)

may i ask why you even bother going to these forums? or is this tldr?

Reading things that are well thought out, not a problem, QQ not so much.
And you cannot argue its not QQ, because you posted a class specific topic on the general forums.

If you do not like it, do not use it.

its a change suggestion

also... this doesnt make sense to me, so please explain

this being in the general section = QQ

if this were in the monk section =/= QQ?

also, this is a suggestion for a change, if youve ever played WoW and went on the forums there, youd know that posting suggestions in the class section is pointless, not to mention the class sections are near dead

edit: took a look at the class sections, there is one blue response out of the entirety of the first page of all 5 class sections

actually scratch that, i took it a step further. i looked at the ENTIRE class section of all classes. there are a total of 3 blue posts in all of its entirety. 2 in wizard, 0 in monk, and 1 about DH stuff (which, tbh, if i thoguht about it i coulda predicted a blue post on the DH section, since they need to be reworked so i wouldnt even count that one)

and not a single response to any suggestions... so no thanks, ill not waste my time in the monk section (not that i need a blue response, but the chances are higher its read by those that matter on the subject of suggestion)
sorry for the necro/bump, but i really like this idea and it went away quite fast, would just liek to make sure that its at least read by the blues

(sorry if you already have)
Something i still don't undertand about the OP....

A monk do is entire life into is temple. The temple IS where is power come from. I personally think that make sense that the monk use a pillar from is temple to kill enemie.
The only think i don't like right now it that the pillar look like chit...

while that can be true, doesnt it make more sense for the monk to have respect for such things as the temple, and try to protect them, instead of using them as tools for destruction?

its sacrilege
the monk class sucks
Eh. The Pillar is foreign and that's why a lot of people don't like it. Let me toss this as you all though. Do you know what the 6 runes does to this spell? They could change the graphic based on the rune.
11/07/2011 12:23 AMPosted by Derivatives
Eh. The Pillar is foreign and that's why a lot of people don't like it. Let me toss this as you all though. Do you know what the 6 runes does to this spell? They could change the graphic based on the rune.

they COULD... however i feel my idea makes way more sense than the monk destroying objects of peace
Yeah. I agree. I personally liked the Fury of Azurewrath idea too. It was a massive speed/damage increase for a short time and had the effect of Sanctuary from Diablo 2. I'm surprised the Monk gets a defensive ability. I remember originally the Monk was evasive and attacked quickly, while the Barb was defensive and hit hard.
havent seen that one...
Yes Buddha Palm!!
11/07/2011 12:15 AMPosted by polyester
the monk class sucks

Monk is the best class in the game. Don't knock him till you try him.
I like these cool ideas, the monk shouldn't destroy things that represent him, he should use them to his advantage. Huge palms would make sense too, it makes me remember a movie called Kung-Pow!
If a monk summons any kind of pillar or bell or whatever, they should be ethereal.

It makes a hell of a lot more sense if they're coming out of the ground spiritually rather than physically.

I like the idea of this spell alot, but the graphic seems sorta place-holder to me... i'd love to see them change the spell effect to look more like what you're saying
It's so the people that play minecraft feel at home
The only thing I don't like about this idea is that it seems to take quite a bit of time to achieve.

If they WANT to use the pillars, there needs to be a better way to execute it.

-Stomp summons stone pillars.
-In the likeness of seven sided strike, teleport attack each pillar
-Appear outside of AoE.

This is not a huge improvement in my mind, but would make what they wanted to do better. From what I have seen, what they have now takes to long.
As is the case with these things, if we whine enough as a community, the spell animation will be changed. Maybe not before release, but perhaps in a subsequent patch.
every pillar thread I try to reply, cuz I love the monk and dont want crybabies swaying the creative team messing up this very interesting class.

he is a monk who does martial arts, not a martial artist who dabbles in spirituality.

plz read about monks, what they are, where they live, and get the kung-fu stuff (somewhat) out yer mind.

there are many kinds of interesting monks, martial arts are only part of the D3 monk's talents and way of life.

I hate to bash peoples ideas, but here I gotta say something.

a giant fist/palm... plz no. that's not monk-ish to me.

errm... lemme try to explain (hard because of nature of videogames like this)...

there is something subtle, meek, unsuspecting and humble about monks.
kind of 'non-flashy' (<- the hard part, as in games u wanna get the vibe of a monk, and have powerful feeling things, too)
all the power is within, reserved, hidden, controlled. but the power is there to be unleashed.

so far the d3 team has got it right. imo, the monk is the best class they've made of all their games. something... everything about this guy just feels right, really amzing considering that... its a monk.

the pillar works, and the bell. monks have always captured the imagination of people because of their discipline and mysterious way, not knowing what they are up to behind the temple walls.

even the shaolin monks everyone has this guy confused with didnt show their power, and that's part of why people always write about them. the stories are almost always like some power hungry guy "what are those monks up to inside those temple walls , must be interesting because they never leave, they must have something, ima go take it.... haha, these guys will be a pushover, they dont even wear armour..." -power hungry guy's army gets taken out by 6 monks- "damn, ok, no more messing with monks, they may look like vagrants, but they move like the wind."

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