Diablo II Act II

Lore and Story
Wouldn't it have been easier for Baal If He just waited for the D2 "Hero" in his tomb. He could have easily finished this hero off before he / she could level up to a point of matching Baal.
Baal had control over Tal Rasha's mind, etc, but he couldn't change Tal Rasha's body into his own demon form without his soulstone, which was carried off by Marius. Also, he was probably significantly weakened, having been chained up and powerless for however long he was there, regardless of being inside the body of a beat up old mummy looking guy. Baal would have been destroyed if he had stayed there and fought the player.
Baal was imprisoned within Tal'Rasha's Body and soul. Thats why he needed some other guy to ste the stone off of Tal'Rasha's chest, and then setting Baal Free.
Diablo brought Marius to fulfill this task while Diablo himself were intended to fight Tyrael, who obviously would not let Diablo set his brother Baal free.
I Guess it would take time for Baal to gain the kind of Power he did in Act V.

I figure a weakened Baal would probably be as Dangerous as Diablo was in D1. Which could still kill a Player at the level range of Act II.
Baal didn't know there was a hero coming to kill him. The hero didn't even know he was hunting the Prime Evils. The hero was just hunting demons and some people were very impressed they killed Andariel. The prime evils probably didn't take notice of the hero until Mephisto was killed and they thought their plans were to far along to be stopped then.

Also leaving the Lesser Evil Duriel to keep Tyreal there is a pretty powerful guard.

Since it's an RPG think of the hero being mostly the same power throughout it for story purposes.
Baal was not originally part of the game. Rather than completely change the cinematics of the game and much of the overall gameplay, they simply created an expansion pack with a 5th act where Baal could be found and then simply changed some text between act 2-4 to account for Baal.

Simply put, Blizzard wanted to create an expansion rather than change the entire game.

Assuming you are trying to say "would it had made more sense if the story was this way or that way" then yeah I can see the different opinions, but this is most likely why we never encountered Baal in act 2.

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