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First off im not in the Beta, sorry but this is the only spot where I could voice my opinion

Just a couple of things I saw at the D3 Blizzconn Panel about the Demon Hunter and Monk Skills

With the Demon Hunter ferrets as pets in a game like Diablo I think just dont fit, maybe they can modify them to be like a demonic Ferret of some sort. This is a dark fantasy is it not?

Also with the Monk pillar, I dont mind the skill and idea but summoning a Pillar just does not seem realistic enough for a Monk in Diablo to summon. Just doesnt feel right for that type of class in Diablo

Feels more like a Greek mythology or Roman thing

Anyway, just my opinion. Feel free to voice any further feedback, Hope a blizzard employee can read this to
If 1 ability involves ferrets... and you like ferrets... you might take the spell, you cant expect to like -every- ability of -every- class...

( i do... but i'm still all star struck of all the footage and i'm all just "oh so glamoured" by all of Diablo 3 that i just personally dont care because the level of awesomeness is.... awesome.
Hey man, this topic has been addressed in a multitude of locations. While the community is all about voicing your opinion, it might be easier heard if targeted in the right locations.

You can use the search feature in the upper right for topics such as "ferrets" "pillars" "bells" or anything else you so desire to stay on topic and further the discussion.
Ok sorry about not posting in an existing thread.

It's not about me liking it or not, that's not the point I'm trying to make, I'm just saying I don't think those 2 abilities fit in with diablo a dark fantasy game
Yeah but what i'm also saying is that... ferrets most likely existed in Sanctuary... and so did temples... so... in retrospect... its not really off-based...

But, again, thats my personal opinion on the matter :) My input!

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