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oh ok so this whole thing doesnt actually do anything and its just to make people waste time?
We don't know know anything about it for sure, but I think you might be on to something there.
“My cow… it’s full of stars!” —New Tristram farmer
11/09/2011 10:56 PMPosted by Bashiok
“My cow… it’s full of stars!” —New Tristram farmer
How do I flag blues for trollin'. :]
Yes, but what does it all mean?
11/09/2011 11:08 PMPosted by DarkGollumQC
Does new tristam have any cow in the beta? If yes, can someone shot it?
Just ran through the "outside" parts of the beta, and this is the closest thing I could find to a cow (on the left).

farming hc inferno holy cows till death

edit: i hope they have rainbow affixes on the cows
OK so we have

Heavenly Bovines that are not numerous, not bloodthirsty, look similar to falling stars, have rainbows in their wake, and are "full of stars"...

Images: (courtesy of various other posters here)
This appeared for about a second 'accidentally' between slides changing at Blizzcon.

Produced by blizzard to mock peoples initial reaction to D3.

Posted by Bashiok himself, it leaves a rainbow in its wake, its not a cow, but I guess a unicorn could also be a counterpart to a cow.

Now assuming Unicorns:
-can be counterparts to Cows
-are not numerous
-not bloodthirsty
-full of stars / look like cows? (maybe the farmer is a bit slow and doesn't realise his cow is a unicorn?)
-have rainbows in their wake (Bashiok's picture 'proves' this.)

All of which sound like reasonable assumptions, then the obvious conclusion is Unicorns.

So we need to think of a code to do with Unicorns (read: not Ponys), maybe it has to do with more subtle parts of the clues?

I reckon the most likely outcome is it's all just a big troll, a la chat gem. But I sincerely hope it isn't.
11/09/2011 05:56 PMPosted by John
(if it had not posted yet...)

Only on the first page and many times after =P
That's tr00, but when I entered the code I got an invalid code message, so I tried a lot of times til yesterday when it worked for me. =(

I think I had failed so many times because of my native language, my battle.net homepage is'nt in English.
hmm fallen star.... not in the beta but going off bashiok's hints....

a song popped into my head, It's Raining Men! Hallelujah!

hallelujah is useally tied to heavenly things thus the counterpart of hell bovine

the star's hint from him....the fallen star....raining stars?

so someone try


or possibly

Anyone look into Blizzard love for adding real life things into their games but with different names? Harris Pilton, Pandas (kung fu panda), and other references.

My guess. My Little Pony


Stars, clouds (like heaven), and very girly. Who wouldnt want to slay them endlessly.

Here is a My Little Pony "Falling Star" Meme:

Stuff from My Little Pony:
"Friendship is Magic"

My Little Pony:
Name: Star Flight, Cutie Mark: big yellow star with a tail of white lines, pink stars, and yellow stars.
Info: Star Flight is one of the two protagonist of Storybelle's story Two for the Sky. She alongside Heart Bright both think alike like twins: playing together, eating sundaes together and wished that they can gain wings so they can fly to the sky. Strangely, she is listed as a Pegasus Pony in her toy incarnation.

Name: Glory/Baby Glory, Cutie Mark: Purple and silver shooting star.
Info:Glory is described to be the most elegant of all the Unicorn Ponies and moves from place to place with a magical stride, almost as though she had wings. Her magic takes her from kingdom to kingdom in search of a young girl who believes in magic and in unicorns. She also likes jumping and has a daughter named Baby Glory, who is described to be brave. Glory is the inspiration for the Friendship is Magic incarnation of Rarity, alongside Sparkler and Majesty.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_My_Little_Pony_characters

Might be all a waste of typing though hehe. Sorry for the wall of text.
A Brazilian Player discovered the code, follows the original post:
10/11/2011 11:37Citação de Robbucke
hahahah descobriiiiiiiiiii , eu so foda podem por ai starcow agora quero meu premio .

the code is starcow

I lol'd.

A screenshot that proves his feit of strength: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/5960/cheatingd3betacow.jpg
Heavenly bovines and Cow full of stars so it's Celestial something

The male counterpart of a cow is called bull and the offspring is known as a calf.

so maybe Celestial Bull
Hi everybody lol
Gratz Robbucke! May the Gods watch upon u! lololol
Anyone here can post a link to the code thing? :c

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