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I'll quote this from the "Where's Adria?" thread since it is relevant here as well

Cain is in no way, shape, or form related to Leah or Adria by blood:

"My child. My sweet daughter - if not by blood, then certainly through love and devotion. I could not be any prouder of you, Leah - of the woman you've become." Book of Cain, 147

Cain describes meeting Adria for the first time...

"It was then that the crossroads of life led me to a woman known as Adria, a witch who had just recently come to Tristram for reasons unbeknownst to me." Book of Cain, 104

Additionally, Aidan and Adria were never married, but Leah is, without a doubt, the daughter of these two:

"As the rest of the town struggled to recover in the aftermath of Diablo's reign of terror, Aidan and Adria spent long nights behind closed doors." Book of Cain, 111

"Shortly after Aidan's departure, Adria set out as well ... when Adria left, she was pregnant with you, dear Leah, and that she gave birth to you in Caldeum and left you there in Gillian's care." Book of Cain, 112
ok Aiden is Leah's father it hints in the book of cain a lot saying that aiden and adria the witch spent long night together behind closed doors. After Aiden leaves due to diablo's corruption Adria leaves as well but is pregnant, does this make sense now that Aiden is the father?
burnzor above^^ has all his facts right
LOTS of children call someone they're not related to at all "Uncle". Leah was raised by Cain, and yet isn't actually related to him, so it's only natural that she'd call him Uncle.

I don't believe it's confirmed, as of yet, that Leah is literally the child of the Dark Wanderer however. It's hinted at very strongly, but, they could end up going another direction. Mind you, I rather suspect that they won't... but it's POSSIBLE.
Adria the witch. thats her name. If she was sister of Cain, she would be named
Adria Cain. Like Deckard Cain, Jered Cain etc...

She is not a Cain.

The Book of Cain doesn't explicitly say Aiden is Leah's father... but Aiden is the only one that Cain notes as having spent nights with Adria during the months when she conceived Leah.

As for Deckard being Leah's "Uncle" I'm fairly certain this is a term of endearment rather than a strict title of heritage. At no point in Cain's journal, the Beta, or previous games does he indicate that he had any sort of family ties to either Aiden or Adria. Merely that he assumed the role of guardian and caretaker of Leah when she was a little girl in Caldeum.
It's just look like Cain want to protect Leah from her origins.

Cain : Hey my Niece . Did you know?
Leah : Yes Uncle?
Cain : Your father ..
Leah: My father
Cain :Aiden . The Eldest son of the Skeleton King . Who came back to help the village against D and was corrupted by him ... He left a couple of week after defeating his minions and the lord of Terror himself. We had a party for a week and I could hear him scream in the night. Just like for your mother really . But different kind of screaming .. Hmm

Leah : Why Uncle? What happened?
Cain : Weelll. Like I Said he was corrupted. He kept repeating 'The East'
Leah start shaking.
Cain: Indeed. He was the Dark Wanderer.

Leah : And and ...
Cain : Yes
Leah : So my vision??? The end of the World.
Cain : You start to realize


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