How many also purchased the D2 CE?

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As I went into EB games and pre-ordered my D3 CE I couldn't help but think back to over 10 years ago when I purchased the D2CE when the game released.

This was the first CE I had ever purchased and it was a time when CE's were few and far between compared to now. I can't recall exactly how much the CE cost for D2 but I think it was about $70 or so.

I remember thinking how epic the box was and how cool all the goodies were in the CE. This was back before there were any digital bonuses for getting the CE. No fancy gear, pets etc. and no one in game knew if you had the CE. It was all about the epic box, pen and paper RP setting, soundtrack, and cinematics.

I suppose by today's standards it was a bit lackluster with what was packaged with it, but at the time it was pretty friggin' awesome.

So who else has been around long enough to have purchased the D2CE and are you getting the D3CE as well? What were your thoughts on the old CE?

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