Golbin portrait

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Why do i have it now?
That's the protossiest Goblin I've ever seen.
i thought it was for a collectors edition of sc2 or something that i needed to pay extra money for.
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No really, i have the basic SC2 game and i think i only unlocked up to the zealot portrait.
Now i have the golbin one and... DID I win something?! or is this some sort of joke? or what?
Do you own WoW Cataclysm CE? That's where the goblin portrait comes from.
not as far as im aware, i only own sc2 in this account. thats why im like WTF did i win something?:D .... TT probably not tho, im just wondering if anyone else all of a sudden got the goblin portrait.
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Yeah, now that you have it selected, that goblin pic is a mirrored image of the cata CE one. Weird.
so i should reset my password?
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is this (company name were are discourage from posting) way of letting us know our accounts are under suspicion of being hacked? i wish (he who must not be named because were discouraged from posting his name) could give us a (color) post.
Do you have the Cataclysm Collector's edition?
I should have the Pan-Terran forum icon, and yet... i got this bum. Yet it works on all other areas of battle.net.
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wut does it mean!!!!

also* i dont have any collectors anything
Holy !@#$balls.

Here, for contrast, I just changed mine to the regular goblin from Cata CE.

If it would !@#$in update already...
Uh... yeah I definitely think the site's broken.

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