Is the game TOO easy?

11/15/2011 02:08 PMPosted by Sinistar
Actually, Blood Raven was pretty tough in DII when you had to fight her at like levels 4-5. Is there anything as hard as that in Beta?

Actually your supposed to do SK around levels 6-8 and solo wise without twinking your gear out, he does have a little difficulty to him and his attacks can be slightly dangerous.

People complaining about easy difficulty with twinked out gear at level 13 shouldn't be saying anything. This beta is pretty much equivalent of going to blood raven on normal in D2. Remember this is only normal part of the first third of the first act (more or less the tutorial stages) Remember how D2 started ramping as you head towards Tristrim to rescue Cain before heading towards the catacombs and the first act boss. Everything before this point was basically learn the basics of how to play.
Jay directly addressed the "It's too easy, DII was not this easy" at blizzcon. go to 42:20 for his direct comments, it's in the middle of the general difficulty discussion if you wanted to watch the whole thing.
11/19/2011 08:40 PMPosted by Trogdoroth
Well of course... but... D2 was not THIS easy on the first level.

Yes it was.

This is equivalent to killing the evil countess I would say. Basically, a walk in the park.
I hate posts like this.

You're in normal mode.

After you beat normal you get into nightmare mode, which is harder.

Then hell, which is harder then nightmare.

Then Inferno, which every single monster OUTLEVELS you, so obviously normal would be the easiest.
Let me back up the idea that I feel it's too easy. Yeah, I know it's beta and the first levels and all, but it feels easier than say, with the witch doctor.
Arcane enchanted mobs have killed me once and nearly another time. It's the new charged bolt I guess. Other than that it's easy, but it's the 1st part of the 1st act. D2 was breezy until a level or two before Andariel and then Act 2 sewers with those skeleton bow archers. I expect D3 to ramp up quick.
Sure but consider that its normal mode and that you're around lvl 8-10 when you clear the place.

Some of the rare/enchanted mobs do make you put out more effort, especially the ones that leave the lasers after the day.
I think has been awhile since we have played a game like this. People should have gone into it saying...remember normal that was easy then it gets harder and harder.

Now with the monk it is kinda op against normal mobs. I wouldnt mind seeing them nerf the the monk defense. Any weapon that allows you steal life or gain life in some manner could be nerfed with the monk.
I did Monk for my first run -

Blinding Flash + Breath of Heaven + Strongest Spirit Generator attack = GG

I understand it's on Normal, but the above plus the crafting and having a companion for the last bit made the game very easy. Especially since BOH has almost no cool down and you can almost infinitely refill your health by generating spirit + using BOH
11/19/2011 01:37 AMPosted by Tao
It's the first act dude, yes it should be this easy.

Hell its not even ALL of the first act.
11/15/2011 02:04 AMPosted by Heldericht
I think it's set to be easier so people can breeze through and experience content and test for bugs. The difficulty itself will probably be ramped up for release.

I have a feeling this thread will look pretty sill once people start getting to INFERO
Man I remember old school diablo 2, version 1.0 where I ran all the way to the egyption part of the game with my necromancer thinking, "this is way too easy" with my skeleton army.

Then I got my poop pushed in and couldn't solo any more bosses anymore. I don't remember which boss it was as it has been probably 5+ years since I last played but I remember having to kite the boss around everywhere and dwindle its health away.
There are some elite mobs you fight in the beta. It's a pain in the !@#$ trying to avoid the laser beams andnd the other ones that shoot out electrical pulses everytime you hit them. If you're in a closed space when that happens you'll most likely be dead or low on health.
Your playing 1/3 of the easiest portion on the easiest difficulty available in the un-expanded version of the game, so you tell me..?
I've played every class but witch doctor to 13 and the only one I had to use potions or worry about dying at all was demon hunter. Though I almost feel like its intentional, demon hunter def felt like she had the most depth and highest skill requirement, I am guessing terrible early game is to keep people with bad twitch skills off of her. Rest were all OP and just breezed through the game.
Last night I was speeding through things, not hunting and killing monsters, but seeing how quickly I could get to the SK. I actually died in one of the crypts (to an elite ghost murderer guy - he was faster than I was, as were his pals, and did more damage than I could handle based on my level and gear; I quickly realized I couldn't survive the fight and headed for the exit - but again, he was faster than I). That was my first death playing the beta.

My fight against the SK was no sure thing either. My monk was doing a lot of running.
d2 wasn't easy for spell casters early, they went OOM fastttt. As far as everyone else it was.

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