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Yes I keep checking weekly. Got my invite today. No email but checked my account and there it was. Hang in there everyone and best of luck!!
Darn another check and nothing. Did anyone get in who was not on a FnF list?
11/14/2011 10:46 AMPosted by DocSun
Darn another check and nothing. Did anyone get in who was not on a FnF list?

As far as I know I am not on any F+F list and I got in.
What is FnF?? I been checking account/mail everything 3x a day for last couple months and im getting nothing
11/14/2011 10:49 AMPosted by iCreep
There were no waves yet, no opt-ins invites. They still have FnF's to send out, your only way of getting in if you're not in FnF is by the facebook sweepstakes.

That is 100% inaccurate. I am not on any F+F list, I was not part of the FB sweepstakes. The only way I could have possibly gotten my invite is from opt-in, and well look @ my avatar and that should tell you everything.
Still don't have one.

The beta is a lie.
just got my invite ^^ whoot
I got an invite as opt-in.
I just got mine also, so psyched !!!
I do not have a spell ready

I see this thread about how a big wave of invites just went out!

Who has said a large wave went out? This is how misinformation, and stupid threads start.

I got it from the 6th post in the thread (Honeyapple).

If you read my whole post you'd see I was going for humor, and not factual accuracy.
I got it! :D happy face but gotta wait until school day ends... BTW I'M not in FnF ! Good luck ya all
welp... back to the drawing board
11/14/2011 11:41 AMPosted by Thelar
This sucks. I have access to three accounts, I don't understand how all of them can get into the Starcraft 2 beta on the same day but not one of them has been invited for the Diablo 3 beta. I didn't get in the Cataclysm beta either.

Random number is random?

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