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Got mine through opt in last night. Surprised opt in worked!
I got my beta key yesterday.... and I love it! I played till 5:00 am in the morning o.O
how on earth can i opt in, and i dont know where to check to see if i did get in.. please help me
correction, i did opt in WEEKS ago and have received nothing how do i know when / if i get a key ?
Your BN account page will show D3 Beta and you will also get an email from Blizz letting you know you are in, you will get no Key to use. When I saw it in my email lastnight I was like yeah right nice try scammers, lol.
^ Got in today ............
I got mine but can't log in, says is down... anyone else having this problem?
me too!
yeah says its down. error_33
Not friends and family and I got in. c:
Just got my invite today, although, I can't play at the moment due to maintenance. :C
What am I checking for? A disappointment? :P...Diablo 3 should be a open beta Like starcraft 2 and just let everyone be happy n make us shutup! Its going to be hard for blizzard now since SWTOR is going to steal about 50% or more or its clientele since they took too long to make this game...Idk but for me I will probably play both and stick to the one that is more addicting..Its going to be like 2 addicting drugs I will need to go to rehab for them soon lol
Are there more than one server? I noted today there were less than 150 people in public games. Now two things. That was this morning when most are working or at school. Another reason is a suspect many are playing solo games while they take a first look at it ( I am).

But less than 150 people? Are invites really that scarce?
I am IN!! ;) but now it's down.... error 33 :/
11/15/2011 11:42 AMPosted by Mathray
But less than 150 people? Are invites really that scarce?

seems like that or maybe a little more.. it's retarded literally.. after months and months still not a huge amount of players.
I Just got in Today, and I am an Opt-In not a F&F.
Just got in today ! I am an Opt-In. Overjoyed until i saw down / not available. Grumble grumble ! Back to assassins creed revelation...for now !
So there are still invites going out today? Wow.

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