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Nothing yet again come on blizzard.
Yes.. just got mine!
I got mine!!
just got in. oh man. let it begin. :D
Ugh. While i'm pleased to see that things are coming along and the obvious implications towards the final game.. it's painful seeing a bunch of people get in to play and being left out in the figurative cold.
So excited to finally have been let in! I've been waiting in dire anticipation, and now I can finally post on the forums that I have been lurking for months! What a great day today is, huzzah! My condolences go out to those who didn't get in this time, better luck next time.
come again blizzard i did not receive a beta.....
Still nothing on D3, and I'm still waiting on CS:GO with a registered beta key... Lady Luck hates me...
You guys all FnF, or opt ins?
11/14/2011 01:56 PMPosted by Chardae
You guys all FnF, or opt ins?

Opt in for me, got the email around 1:45 today.
11/14/2011 01:56 PMPosted by Chardae
You guys all FnF, or opt ins?

Opt in here also
Just got my Beta Invite!
got my invite today.. stoked! cant wait to get home!!
Yeah. Buddy.
I know I'm at work for 3 more hours!!! Feel like I'm getting sick... *cough*.... I think I need to leave early....... >.>
So my question is, are they currently feeding people beta keys right now or were they all sent out earlier and people are just now noticing them since they've probably been at work/school all day?

Does anyone know if they're still sending out? Like has anyone checked an hour or two ago with no invite and gotten one since?
very sad panda

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