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11/18/2011 04:36 PMPosted by Faceitall
Since the Warcraft story was fought in Arena. The Orc and Human Kingdom settled Warcraft 1-3 in an arena.

This is the most inane argument I have ever heard against arenas pvp.
11/18/2011 12:47 PMPosted by Faceitall
Opportunity cost. By wasting time and resources adding lame Open World PvP to the Campaign tab, you take time and resources away from making interesting PvP Gamemodes to the Versus tab.
Sorry, but I find this a poor argrument.

And yet it's the sole reason why thousands of potential game modes won't get implemented into D3. If they're going to support a feature, then it's not enough for it "not to be the case that there are clear, compelling arguments against it". It has to a be a feature that will lead to a positive gaming experience for those who are likely to try it, and the benefit has to justify the resources it would take to implement and support it. A hostile mode, however, would lead to a large proportion of negative experiences. Furthermore, only a small minority of the community would even be interested in it, let alone have positive experiences with it.

Simply put, PvP is a sideshow when it comes to the Diablo world. Blizzard can justify implementing arenas, but not this "world PvP" nonsense.
@face I completely agree. Diablo 2 players can't post in these forums most of these people have no clue what the other diablo series were about. Pvp games are fun on a bun.

The only reason world pvp is not popular in wow is because it offers little no rewards.

Diablo 2 players can post on these forums, as long as they have an SC2 or WoW account (Which I believe is free nowadays); the vast majority of us are old veterans from D1 and D2.

And we DO know what the other games in the Diablo series were about. You can't simply claim that 'real' Diablo fans all want world PvP, any more than I can claim that they don't.

The argument most people against world PvP are making is simply that griefing is not a positive game mechanic, and we would like to see whatever system D3 uses protect people from griefing by those who would use the system to force PvP on those with no interest in it. Some people go further than that, and I can't speak for them, certainly.

But the point, overall, is that D2's system was not a positive experience for anybody who didn't like the so-called 'world PvP', even if they did like structured PvP like dueling and such. It's pretty clear that a pretty good chunk of the populace played D2 in private games or single player for this reason.

Besides...if we took your logic with WoW's world PvP being unpopular because it offered little to no rewards...then wouldn't D2's PvP be unpopular? It offered little to no rewards either, after all. Clearly, there is something that drives the popularity of any given Pvp mode besides rewards.
11/18/2011 04:43 PMPosted by Faceitall
The arena was a much more time consuming feature to implement.

That's only half the equation - arenas will appeal to a much larger portion of the community, will lead to a substantially smaller portion of negative experiences, and are the difference between PvP and no PvP (compared to "world PvP" which would simply be a second form of PvP).

Blizzard games are directed at carebears these days, hence why their games are not as fun for their pvp community.

/facepalm. You're right, SC2 is terrible for competitive gamers. They're simply more focused in how they target specific gaming communities, and have an increasingly low threshold for supporting features that lead to disproportionally negative experiences.

The server communities of Blizzard's games are abysmal now, this is particularly because the players have less power to control the outcome of server events.

um... what? Is this even relevant to the matter at hand, whatever it means?
I think there should be both arenas, and open world PvP. My reason? Because it should have it. Simple as that. There are people who don't want to duel in teams, dont want to duel in arenas, and then there is they want a HUGE place to duel in, not a box.
11/18/2011 04:12 PMPosted by Caletharn
World PvP is clearly not superior nor as popular as a battleground/arena related pvp. In wow there are plenty of open world pvp areas, entire servers dedicated to them. The best players however are in arenas. While people that can't win an arena or bg, are running around in hellfire ganking low levels.<br /><br />World PvP = strong players ganking weak players.

Arguing what is or is not superior is pointless. You have no figures to back your claims, and every statistic can be skewed. Countless times I have been outnumbered in player count or level and won. Popular counter arguments are "they just sucked/they were noobs/you're a twink". Being the underdog can be fun, and worth bragging rights.

I had a low level PKer in D2, with many 95+ ears bagged. One level 98 necro was so mad, he had his chat bots spam that I was giving my account up for free for over a year. Try blocking everyone in the world asking for your password. I basked in the glory.

Even the best of the best can lose, if they are caught off guard. This element is limited with 'honorable arena combat'. Adapting quickly to scary situations, is what world PVP can help enhance.

I would love to, hypothetically speaking, be fighting beside my 'friends' in the middle of a boss fight, and then suddenly turn on them during the battle. That adds excitement in my opinion. Who knows, they may even take me down!!! I would laugh and move on, or come back for more.

While I will agree there can be malicious intent with this, that is why there are 2 different game types. PVE...or PVP. Some of us like killing each other - it's a sort of black market sport.
There is plenty of other competitive games out there.
11/18/2011 05:40 PMPosted by Faceitall
There is plenty of other competitive games out there.
<br /><br /><br />Ya I know, but its 12 years since Diablo 2, and they forgot one of the most fun features.

what part od them saying they want to separate the pve and pvp game do you not get.

pve games are tuned according to the number of people in the game .. they have no intention of letting people pvp in the pve games .. that is why you can teleport to people using their banner..the system is design for people to stick together and cooperate.

you will have arenas at lainch.. and the game is ripe for more kinds of pvp added as time goes on .. but as long as you will never be allowed the opportunity to kill people whio just want to farm .. you will not be happy
The current arena system doesn't satisfy a true competitor's thirst for engaging pvp. They don't want to balance it, they don't want to visibly show any ranking at all. The only thing to work for in pvp is simply wins. It doesn't matter how much you lose. You could have 200 wins and 600 losses and you would have the same rewards as someone with 200 wins and 50 losses. It is deflating to people who want pvp. Separating pve and pvp is totally fine and there are both types of players out there. but why neglect an entire fan base of diablo that truly enjoys the franchise and has waited years for D3, only to find out they've taken no steps forward to improve the pvp system?
you do understand they are not making a game for a true competitor . they are make a casual fiendly co-op pve game ..that they do not want to put the time and effort in to balance for pvp ..

they are leaving pvp out of the pve game all together ..doesn't mean they can't add content in the future that won't have pvp and pve uses .. just the content at launch will be pve game and arena for pvp.

It's been discussed quite a bit, but I think it was explained best in this video.


Have a good weekend!
look at it this way .. right now they are just getting to where they can test the pve game with more and more people on beta..with no test of the pvp arena.. because people will cry about imbalance at level 13 ..and not play the pve content they are there to test the servers for..

adding an option to allow people to set themselves pvp for public games might not be to hard after launch ..but right now there is no way to test it that won't take away from other more vital tests of the system ..so if it goes in it will probably go in after release.

you will also see restrictions on it if it is added.. meaning at level 60 you can't enter in normal mode with pvp set .. it will probably be restricted to you joining games with people within a few levels of you ..to keep it competitive ..

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