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So, for some background information, Druwin just recently made a thread with speculation on The Black Soulstone cinematic. His claim was that while the video shows Leah, it's actually Tyrael Azmodan is talking to. (She's simply seeing it from his perspective.) Now, this does make a bit of sense, and if you rewatch the cinematic it, it's pretty easy to see how that could be possible.

That got me thinking though. What if instead it is Diablo that Azmodan is talking to, and Leah is seeing it from his perspective. Obviously for one, there has been a lot of speculation going on that Diablo has possessed Leah in the continued story. Therefore, it wouldn't be unrealistic for her to be having visions of him or from his perspective beforehand.

1. Azmodan says "Our brethren", which obviously could be Azmodan simply referring to himself and his brethren. But maaaybee, he was talking to Diablo, saying "our" .. as if Diablo (or him and the prime evils) intentionally tricked the others, hmmm? And thought he was so clever? lol. Otherwise, would he have not simply said "my" brethren? Not to mention, it does turn out of course that the Prime Evils purposely had themselves banished to gain the power of the soulstones. So at the very least, they did trick their other brethren, if not that Diablo himself had some other sinister plans.

2. He says "I defy you", which works for Tyrael, but also could mean he defies Diablo! That makes sense.. they like to do that. Hence the banishing of the Prime Evils and whatnot. (Besides, is there really reason for Azmodan to say "I defy you!" in such a way to Tyrael? That should already be a given.)

3. His minions will pour forth searching for the black soulstone. Maybe he found out the power of the black soulstone that Diablo had his hands on originally and allowed him to survive?

Consider this. Perhaps Diablo sealed part of his soul or something into the "black soulstone", and in order to resurrect himself he intends on someone sticking it in their head or something, simillar to how he corrupted the D1 hero? Now, the video implies that Azmodan intends to find the black soulstone and use its power, but he never specifically states that. He simply says "I know it is the key" (to Diablo returning himself?) and "It will be mine" (to destroy?). It's very possible he simply intends to have his armies ravage the land, find the soulstone, and destroy it to prevent Diablo's return in order for him to be "THE prime evil" instead of Diablo.

After all, what is currently really preventing Azmodan from being THE Prime Evil? He clearly has the majority of hell's power and a nearly endless army already. But if he knows of Diablo's possible return, that would obviously be a hindrance to him, and Diablo would be THE Prime Evil. So in summary, Azmodan defies Diablo, knows he has hidden the black soulstone away with part of him sealed inside it (with plans to return), and intends to ravage the lands and destroy the stone before he can do so.

4. More evidence to support this theory - If you pay attention in the video, Leah has what is presumably the black soulstone directly in front of her as she stares into it and has her vision of Azmodan talking. So clearly if Diablo has sealed himself away into it, plans to possess someone, people think Leah is the one possessed, she's having visions in Diablo's place while looking into it, etc. etc.... it all makes sense!
(Also, notice that before she stares into it and has her visions, as she's flipping through the pages it lingers for a good moment on a picture of Diablo's head, then flips to the stone on the next page. Coincidence?)

Now, I'm not saying this is for sure how it is, and clearly Tyrael is a likely candidate as well for who Azmodan is talking to. But I do think, given the information, it's just as (if not much more) likely that he's speaking to Diablo.
I was going to make a thread stating EXACTLY all of this, but now I don't need to. Well done.

Can't wait to play through the game and see our suspicions confirmed though ;)
Oh, I'd also like to add that if Leah is in possession of the black soulstone, then obviously it doesn't make much sense for Azmodan to be talking to Tyrael since Azmodan claims that 'said character' is hiding the black soulstone. If Tyrael is hiding the black soulstone, then why does Leah/Diablo have it? It makes more sense to watch the black soulstone cinematic and see that Azmodan is talking to Diablo, whom is hiding the black soulstone. (or well possessing Leah to hold on to the black soulstone for safe keeping.)
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If Tyrael is hiding the black soulstone, then why does Leah/Diablo have it?

I don't think Leah knows anything about the black soulstone. It is in Deckard Cain's house or lair or mancave or wherever and she is just going through his things, reading the notes, etc. Why is she doing that? Don't know, either because he died or was captured, who knows.

It could easily be that Tyrael has been working with Deckard by keeping him informed and giving him artifacts in case the Prime Evils escaped again, and hiding the black soulstone with him.
I don't think Leah knows anything about the black soulstone. It is in Deckard Cain's house or lair or mancave or wherever and she is just going through his things, reading the notes, etc. Why is she doing that? Don't know, either because he died or was captured, who knows.

Excellent point, people only talk like Leah does if the person is dead/missing/unavailable so something happens to Cain.
Or maybe he's just in bed and she likes to stay up all night
Sadly, they told us that this was not an actual cinematic in the game and it was altered.
We're missing information and they want us to speculate and talk about it. Hell its working and hell, its fun :p

What we know is this, it can be Diablo, Belial, Cain, Tyreal, Mephisto, Baal.
It has to be people who know what the Black Soulstone is.

Ok and this might sound silly... but think "Harry Potter". Leah and Diablo are linked "like" Harry and Voldemort are. Not the same way obviously, but through genes and whatnot. With the WorldStone shattered... maybe Leah is increasing in power and she's starting to figure out she can see through Diablo's eyes.

I love this Black Soulstone Theory but it sounds a little off in my eyes, If you seal part of your soul in a stone... you're less powerful... i guess now it could make sense... We've never seen Diablo's True form because it was sealed in the Black Soulstone and Azmodan THINKS its the key to defeating Diablo because he's using it to return from death but in fact when he destroys it, he releases Diablos FULL power... scary :)
Why the hell everyone is trying to see that cinematic by the diablo's or tyraels perspective?!?!?!
Can't u just accept that is just a vision from Leah!:?

Damn, you guys really like conspiracy theories huehuehueheu

Azmodan is trying to get the stone and thats it.
leah foresee that. And you, the hero, will try to prevent that.
Diablo's appearence is still a mystery though, as well as if his brothers are going to be on the game too. Thats a good thing to speculate. But about the cinematic, i thnk its just what its shown.

Except the fact of the matter is, we already KNOW it's not simply what is shown. As Rain said, we've already be told that information was intentionally left out of the cinematic, and it was purposely left to speculation.

Not to mention the fact that it obviously makes absolutely no sense for Azmodan to be talking specifically to Leah... What threat is she to him? Was she the one who tricked their brethren? He specifically defies Leah? Interesting.
Well, I'm not saying it's NOT Cain, but I think that's a far less likely option than it being Diablo. Mostly, for the reasons listed above as evidence towards it being Diablo. Pretty much everything said and done in the cinematic can reasonably be explained by the perspective being from The Lord of Terror.

On the other hand, a lot of gaping holes are left when you think of it being Cain.
1. Cain is presumed dead or indisposed at the time of the video. Now, this isn't necessarily true.. but seems pretty likely.

2. Why would Leah have a vision in Cain's place? For Diablo it could obviously be because of the fact part of him is in the stone she stares into and he's mindfondling her like he's done (pretty much to the tee) to others in the past. No real explanation for magical vision in Cain's place though.

3. As stated, Azmodan says "our" brethren, and that doesn't make sense when speaking to Cain.. but you could ignore that and just assume Azmodan is speaking for himself and another brother of his not present (or just demon brethren in general)

4. Cain thinks he is so clever, and he was responsible for luring the others into his trap? I'm pretty sure not. All Cain has ever done is seek out knowledge, provide it to the player, and then tell you to go kill demons or everyone will die. Unless there's some MAJOR hidden plot details here, Cain didn't orchestrate some master scheme.

5. So Azmodan says "I defy you" to Cain? Because Cain apparently has some master plan still in the works? Which also leads into, why would Cain be hiding the black soulstone? That would imply he knows fully of all of its power and most likely intends to use it. It would seem to me he would normally destroy an object which is presumably of great evil. Of course, you could say it's not an evil relic, and actually a holy relic of great power given to him by Tyrael or something.. but then he would probably be concocting a way to use it, not simply hide it. (Since Cain has been searching the lands the last 20 years for a way to stop the coming apocalypse.)

Anyway, as I said.. not saying it's completely out of the question, but it's simply a puzzle piece that it seems you would have to jam into place, rather than fitting almost perfectly, as Diablo does, with fairly little effort in concocting a reasonable explanation.
Also, Leah is the child of Adria and the D1 hero. Lets not forget, the D1 hero shoves Diablo's soulstone into his head. So, it is not that farfetched to then assume that part of Diablo resides within Leah. What exactly the black SS is, I can't wait to find out.
Lets try to narrow things down here.

First of all, who would try to eliminate the "brethren" 1 by 1. Diablo? Probably not. Baal? Probably not. Mephisto? Probably not. Duriel or Andariel? Probably not. Azmodan? Well he's the one asking. Belial? Very possible!!! Tyrael? Very possible!!! Cain? I suppose it's possible. Leah? Who knows yet? The hero? Well the "hero" does eliminate them but not by wit but by following the quests.

So, I think I have narrowed this down to either Tyrael or Belial. Belial is the lord of lies.... he would definitely try to trick everyone into killing each other so he can gain control of hell.

Fact: Belial wants control of hell and Azmodan seems to have the majority of it.

Fact: Belial and Azmodan banished Mephisto, Diablo, and Baal into the mortal realm where they were eliminated, as well as Duriel and Andariel.

Since Belial has lost control of most of hell, why not try to send out some *lies* in the mortal realm in order to get the hero to kill Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal in order to send them BACK to hell to help contain Azmodan? This would greatly benefit Belial.

Also, why is cain the last of the horadrim? You know his stories will bore people to death. Maybe he's literally bored the other horadrim to death in order to spread lies ( just kidding ) but it's possible that cain isn't a horadrim but a puppet of Belial that Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal knew about and was simply going to convince the heros to kill the 3 prime evils to send them BACK to hell where they wanted to be in the first place, with the soul stones, in order to take back hell and invade Sanctuary.

I'm just thinking Belial is the one in the vision that thinks he's so clever. Or it's Tyrael but why would he be in what seems to be hell? Also it could be cain if he were a demon.... I am just continuing the speculation as this lore is awesome.
Now does that mean the "Book of Cain" that's coming out also lies?
I think there's 2 possibilities:
1) Azmodan is talking to Leah in her vision. WHy? Well, she has the blacksoulstone right in her hands, as shown in the cinematic. And that is what Azmodan is looking for. She doesnt need to be a threat to him. WHen he say "our breathren" hes reffering to his brothers and the other demons killed by the "you" (heros/humans).

2) Leah is watching a "conversation" between Azmodan and Belial, by Belial's perspective. Why Belial instead of Diablo or Tyrael? Well, diablo is so dead as his brothers....And tyreal, well he just dont like to chitchat with demons.
Would the femme artwork of Diablo have anything to do with this situation?

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