Succubus in D3

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Anyone know if they have included the succubus monster in D3?

I really hope so, they rock!!

Would love to see them back in a more D1'ish form. Also bloodstar was an awesome attack!


But one of the captains we fight is the "maiden of lust."

I would hope she would have to do with succubi or something of the like.

I would have left her named the mistress of pain
I smell a fellow heroes of newerth player. "Succubus"
Yeah, I would love them too. Ok, I already do love them but, you know, would be nice to see them again.
She was actually removed from the game as the mistress of pain. Because of the costume contest winner who dressed as the mistress of pain, Blizzard wanted to bring her back in. The only spot for such a character was as one of Azmodan's big shots. Being the Lord of Sin, his big shots all coincide with the 7 deadly sins. Lust fit best for her.

Also: Say yes to Succubus!
Hope they made the cut! Bloodstar looks really cool....I actually prefered the D1 bloodstar to the D2 bloodstar.

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