Blizzard unleash Diablo3 to counter SWTOR

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I have played wow for a very long time. I have not logged onto wow in like a month now. I am just waiting to play Diablo 3. I will most likely try SWTOR. Wow is getting very boring. Having a light saber just seems cool. But most of my game time will go into Diablo 3.
d3 > anything
11/24/2011 08:58 AMPosted by FastVision
Now we all know that SWTOR(STAR WARS - The Old Republic) is going to be a big threat to Blizzard since it will be the only other most expensive MMORPG game in history. I think since WOW is becoming less and less popular after expansions like "Pandas", the SWTOR is going to take over and become #1 MMORPG game at December 20th, 2011 when it releases. Blizzard has already finished the Diablo3 (obviously.. since beta is out) and is probably waiting to release it in January to counter SWTOR threat and to get its customers back. Tell me what you guys think about this.

I think you're the FIRST PERSON TO EVER THINK OF THIS ! ! !

swtor is meh. it'll be popular for a short bit then half the players will leave after free month.
Some of the feedback I have been reading indicate SWTOR isn't that great. WoW players don't feel threatened by it either.
11/25/2011 03:17 AMPosted by Hypersonic
Some of the feedback I have been reading indicate SWTOR isn't that great. WoW players don't feel threatened by it either.

Eh. I've played it quite extensively, and haven't canceled my preorder... but I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed that Bioware focused so much on the only feature that sets it apart from everything else (voice overs and cut scenes), that they failed to polish and refine the rest of the game to make it unique and engaging. If you're an extreme Star Wars die hard, you might like it regardless since it definitely *feels* like Star Wars, but as someone that's not it just feels like a generic MMO in space. I do however, love the music. It's very retro sounding, like it was in the movies.

While I won't claim it's horrible, it's just nothing like the hype would make you believe it is, in my opinion (take note of those last 3 words before someone wants to tear my head off)
swtor is !@#$ really needs work
I'm wondering how many people are going to actually waste money on this game or not.

You will have a choice between awesome addictive D3 magic find treasure hunting and RMAH versus another annoying raid that gives you gear that will be replaced in 3-4 months.

Think about it....

You're basically saying:

"Which would you prefer, addiction or addiction?"
"Think about it..."
I am amused by how the panda expansion almost seems like an attempt to copy the "cuddly animal" aesthetic of recent Star Wars releases. Maybe the first SWTOR expansion will be "Mists of Endor" and then it will be Panda vs Ewok.
An MMO I'm actually looking forward to is Blade and Soul. Look it up. If it comes out late 2012 as planned, I'm going to be a happy panda - by not playing a panda.
Actually, WoW is hardly becoming less popular. The fact that it's down to 10million subscribers has to do with the fact they banned about 800,000 Chinese gold farmers in the last year. Furthermore, there seems to be a lot of people (on WoW fan sites and such) that will be coming back for patch 4.3. They like the idea of LFR.
Also, by the time Mists of Pandaria actually launches, I'm willing to bet that there's unswing in subscriptions. All the morons who have been going, "I WON'T PLAY A GAME WITH PANDAS" will probably realize they've been idiots and that MoP is actually pretty damn cool.

However, the idea OP breached is an interesting idea. It makes sense, in the sense that Blizzard is always trying to find ways to maximize profits. By the way, I'm willing to bet that SWTOR is going to be a lot of hype early on, but will soon just become average. It'll be like EQ2. All the EQ fanboys loved the idea of EQ2, but then they realized it actually wasn't as great as they thought it was and went back to playing WoW.
I look for patch 4.3 to be released to attempt to counter SW:TOR.
11/24/2011 09:12 AMPosted by Toyodah
D3 is a greater threat to wow than swtor ever was.. even with the annual pass there is a good chunk of people ready to give up wow subs abd play d3 ..
Yup, my WoW sub has been hinging on this forum's posting requirements for the last 2-3 months, and it'll end for good within the next week. I'm not even all that interested in SWTOR, I got a beta invite and their glitchy login prevented me from patching until the last minute, otherwise i'd be playing it right now.

Now had I tried it, and had it been completely AWESOME... THEN maybe I would've made the transition across from WoW - but like I said, as things currently stand I have no intereste in that game whatsoever. ^.^-

11/24/2011 09:14 AMPosted by Toyodah
If you look at a lot of the people quitting wow they are sick of MMO's in general..i think a lot of people will drop out of swtor depending on what the hardcore players think when they get to the end game content
Not true for me, I was always a hardcore Diablo fan, only switched to WoW 7 years ago because they weren't releasing any D3. Now switching back to Diablo from WoW may be difficult for me, i'll definitely miss the whole open-world feel of that game. It's a lot more social than Diablo, you run into strangers on 20% HP and toss them a heal (or stand there for an unreasonably long time wondering if they need help, until it's too late and they die infront of you ... Then you laugh.)

When you compare WoW to D3, (where you're just running around smacking monsters, and the only socialization you get is that occasional spam bot joining and leaving your game,) then i'm sure a lot of other ex-WoW players will miss that social aspect as well.

and no, I level mostly in BGs and chain instance runs, so to anyone who was planning on saying it - WoW is a little bit more than "just running around smacking monsters."
I can't speak for everyone, but I have watched footage of SWTOR on youtube and it looks like it has a lot of depth, but not much polish. The graphics and gameplay just don't look appealing, and I am a huge fan of SW. People who are bored or love SW will play it, but it will never be a blockbuster MMO to rival WoW in my opinion.

Been watching a lot of Diablo 3 and Skyrim and those games sell themselves in 5 seconds of gameplay footage in a way that SWTOR just doesn't have.

LOl i plaed the swtor beta, it sucks sooooo hard. WoW IMO has better graphics haha

The marines and stimpack:P
this would be great but if they did this it would potentially mean we get an unfinished game so meh id rather wait a month or 2 more

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