Blizzard unleash Diablo3 to counter SWTOR

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Diablo 3 is NOT finished.

Star Wars is not going to compete with WoW or Diablo 3 because it's Science Fiction, not Fantasy, just like how Blizzard says their next MMO will not compete with WoW. Big Star Wars and Science Fiction fans will move over, but the release of Diablo 3 will not change that.
diablo 3 WILL compete with wow and star wars what you think that people that play wow or SW wont consider playing any other game? well i play wow and i play SC and diablo is definately going to have to compete with my time, so if you think that someone wont be thinking about playing both games and deciding which one to either play full time or to dedicate the majority of their play time with is just rediculous.... omg no star trek fan ever ever would even think about going to the opening of a new Lord of the rings movie.... thats a fantasy thing im a sci fi guy.....c'mon
11/24/2011 08:58 AMPosted by FastVision
oh yeah ill just take some money out of the ATM machine
I am a big fan of SW as well as the KOTOR series. I pre-ordered SWTOR the day pre-ordering was available. A couple weekends ago, I got to play the beta, and I was not impressed. It felt like a generic mmo with the addition of dialogue trees. Doing solo dialogue is okay, but still time consuming, the group ones are just painful. In summation; I cancelled my pre-order, and I think their subscription base will be hurt in any long run scenario.
11/25/2011 11:50 AMPosted by Deáthhead
LOl i plaed the swtor beta, it sucks sooooo hard. WoW IMO has better graphics haha

Fanboyism at its finest.

Played the beta myself and it's amazing.
Had a lot more fun playing it than WoW.

Plus, Star Wars' lore is ultimately cooler than Warcraft's.
There is going to be only one huge threat to WoW and that is GW2. Yes, SWTOR will take players away from WoW but I still think WoW will be number 1. Blizzard can at least try to keep some of the revenue that is going to be lost to people leaving WoW for something new (SWTOR or D3).

But GW2 is going to be free to play and the game will be completely revolutionary in the MMO genre and epic on a whole new scale. Don't think this game wont be as good as other MMO's because its F2P. This game will finally do WoW in. It doesn't come out probably for another year and at that point I think people will really be looking for a new MMO to play and this one will be prefect.
I do not think that D3 is planned as a counter to SWTOR - Both aim at gamers but different audiences. I played the SWTOR beta and found it quite fun. I feel that Blizzard is spreading their user base (us) amongst a number of titles; WOW, SC2, D3, and later on DOTA, then eventually TITAN... Not to mention the activision arm of the group.... The fact that WOW has lasted this long is testemony enough. Even haters should admit that after seven years a 10 million player base eclipses a lot of games. IMO an MMO is all about guilds, and raids making D3 more of a game that can be jumped into on those days that raids fail to start or end early, whatever the MMO. I think this is the niche that D3 will occupy.
11/24/2011 09:49 AMPosted by InXsane
We really need the WoW idiots out of these forums. I can't wait until retail releases and only Diablo accounts can post.

haha. not all WoW players are idiots , just a portion. :)
+1 anyways.
11/24/2011 09:21 AMPosted by FastVision
If you look at a lot of the people quitting wow they are sick of MMO's in general..
<br /><br />I kind of agree with that, because my brother was playing WOW for years until he quit, and says that he is sick of MMO games in general.. but even tho Diablo3 is a different kind of game engine, it still brings fame to Blizzard..

I agree with both the statements. It's just getting to be a stale genre. I'm excited for more games like Elder Scrolls that are single player or few multiplayer - Basically like D3 for me i guess.
May the Force be With You!
i'm in SWTOR beta and i'm not that impressed (feels like im playing another star-trek mmorpg)
your just winning cause u think it'll get you in the beta they will release the game when they think it is worthy of releasing i myself would like to get into beta myself but i dont think its necessarily a must. i can wait till release however long it takes (lets me save up for the CE) qicher!@#$%en and go play fate or something

oh and on that D3 ISNT an MMORPG so quit comparing the two
SWTOR differs absurdly to others MMORPGs and Diablo 3 that is totally different. And i think WoW will continue to be the number 1 MMORPG. I thought WoW would have less costumers than Aion when it came out, but that did not happen at all.
Well in any case i will not play MMORPGs cause they take too much time. I will only play Diablo3, and i thought it would be cool if they did this game counter to SWTOR, because the competition would make them invest more in Diablo3.
11/25/2011 04:20 PMPosted by Kerplode
LOl i plaed the swtor beta, it sucks sooooo hard. WoW IMO has better graphics haha
<br /><br />Fanboyism at its finest.<br /><br />Played the beta myself and it's amazing.<br />Had a lot more fun playing it than WoW.<br /><br />Plus, Star Wars' lore is ultimately cooler than Warcraft's.
What if this is not another fanboyism?
Yeah, SWOTR is going to be a WoW killer, just like Aion, and Warhammer, and Rift, and Conan.
After having a chance to test SWTOR i'd have to completely disagree with it being any sort of competition for Blizzard. RIFT is a far superior game; minus the voice over. With that being said Rift hasn't even put a dent in Blizzard's player base. Plus the voice over became really annoying when trying to chat with my friends on our voice server.

20 People on Ventrilo = Bad experience in SWTOR.

It's worth bearing in mind that TOR is only launching in the US and Europe initially. That will hurt it's sales and initial momentum. I live in Australia - no word at all on when it will be released here. As such, I've decided to completely boycott the game...
Played the SWTOR beta as well. IMO it's an order of magnitude better than WoW.

Anyone else that was turned off by the news of pandas and pokemon in the next WoW expansion likely would agree with me...

For D3 to take any of the playerbase from SWTOR, D3 would have to be released within like 2 weeks of SWTOR. Not months afterwards... where people have already become immersed in the game.

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