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I'd like to note that, odds are, the person above you probably posted about the Butcher coming out of his room. So, don't be afraid to post something other than that.

I remember the first time I scammed someone in D2. The player had a Windforce, VGaze, Wartravs, the usual Zon setup for 1.08, and I remember decking him with the merc-out-of-town "trust" scam. Ah, what a great day :)

And the Butcher. Can't wait to get to the end of A1 in D3 :)
Please listen to me The Archbishop Lazarus, he lead us down here to find the lost prince The bastard lead us into a trap, now everyone is dead killed by a demon he called the butcher Avenge us! Find this butcher and slay him so that our souls may finally rest..........


The original Diablo was king - much better than d2
My old old old old computer would lag at certain points in the game. The main places where I would lag were obviously in the most dangerous areas including Hephasto, Pindle runs, right when you enter Chaos Sanc. I was a level 93 Amazon on hardcore and I was doing a Pindle run while my friend was killing Mephisto in the same game. I entered the portal and started walking up and I started lagging huge (I could still hear the real time sounds during the lag spike) and all of a sudden I could hear the zombie moans they make when they all start to rise and those damn awful footstep charging noises of death. After the lag spike had passed I was laying there dead with my 93 Amazon. I guess that wasn't really my 'favorite memory' but it was definitely something in Diablo I will never forget lol.

Edit: I guess then back on topic. One of my favorite memories would be when I found a bow that was 147 damage back on Diablo 2 classic. 147 was one of the top damages on a bow back in the day. I will never forget that moment because after trading it I was rich ;)
So many memorable things but I think the end cinematic with the dark wanderer takes the cake. The dude's voice is just epic and what he says and how he talks just always gave me goosebumps from excitement.

"The soulstone burns with hellfire as an eerie red glow blurs your vision. Fresh blood flows into your eyes and you begin to hear the tormented whispers of the damned. You have done what you knew must be done. The essence of Diablo is contained for now. You pray that you have become strong enough to contain the demon and keep him at bay. Although you have been fortified by your quest, you can still feel him, clawing his way up from the dark recesses of your soul. Fighting to retain control, your thoughts turn toward the ancient, mystic lands of the far east. Perhaps there, beyond the desolate wastes of Aranoch, you will find an answer..or perhaps, Salvation"

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