Possible Game Mode for Diablo 3 Arena

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My apologies if someone has used this idea/suggestion.

Game Mode Capture the Flag with a twist.
1 Flag per match and is a Team Based Game Mode.
15minute duration
Max Points 200

Player gets Flag,while holding Flag it rewards 1 point per 5 seconds for your team (Red or Blue) the longer you hold the flag the more points you score. When you die the Flag drops, both teams rush to get the flag to keep the flow of the game moving, fun and intense and requires fast thinking and decent team work. Aim of the game, First Team to 200 points wins! So bring your team work and protect your Flag Carrier :).

Again my apologies if this Game Mode has been mentioned in the past! either way this would be a really cool game mode!
wow sounds very cool.
would be cool if they really did add it :D
always hoped for a cool flag game :D
11/27/2011 09:39 PMPosted by Randomed
wow sounds very cool.<br />would be cool if they really did add it :D<br />always hoped for a cool flag game :D

I agree :) which was the reason behind my thread :)
someone played rift ;)
actually I haven't played Rift :)
Or SWTOR or Halo or...

Personally not a fan because it seems some classes like wizard could really avoid the opposition easily in 2v2. I rather modes that require high action and killing others.

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