Why Blizzard is on top.

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Blizzard is on top because they take their time and don't release games that aren't finished just to meet a deadline. (Ignore WoW post Cata)

Trust me it has absolutely nothing to do with Macs..

Mac's are probably still in the 10-15% range of PC gamers..I know one person out of all the gamer friends I have that owns a Mac and he just bought a PC because his Mac is a POS.

Oh yea and..PC > Mac...any day of the week :)

lol mac and gaming in the same paragraph lol

/sips coffee
They make games for PC and MAC.

As has already been stated, this is not why Blizzard is on top. They're on top for a number of reasons (one of which is partially including the fact that they make their games for multiple platforms), but the "top" reason is not that. They're on top because they make good, addictive, fun, and replayable games. And because they make excellent marketing decisions and business investments (Blizzard North and Diablo, anyone? It's the reason we're all on these forums right now, hello!)

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Most of the people who "lol mac" are the same people that feel the need to customize every single piece of technology they own. Some of them have simply never tried to play with a Mac. For the rest of us that just want a computer to check e-mail, listen to music, browse the web and play games we really don't care about customization.

Again, I must beg to differ. I "lol mac" because I have one and have played on one for the past year. I just switched to an Asus G74-SX, and I can't even describe how badly this machine blows away my MacBook Pro in every way, and I even ran it dual-booted with OS X Lion and Windows 7.

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As for power, Macs are the industry standard for graphic design and mainstream video editing so of course they can pack a punch.

I worked at a television news station for 4 years and edited on AVID systems, and it was on PCs.

Then, I went to a television advertising agency and took a position as head of their video production department, and edited on AVID and the Adobe Creative Suite, and it was....you guess it, on PCs. The only Mac in the building was for the guy who designed websites, and that was because he was "used to" using the Mac version of Photoshop--not because the Mac version of Photoshop was any better than the Windows version.

Now, I'm finishing up a degree at a film school where they teach what the "industry standard" is for editing movies... Guess what? It's AVID Media Composer systems on.....PCs.

The only editing done on Macs at this school is when and if something is requested to be edited in Final Cut Pro--and even then, it's discouraged now, because the latest version of FCP that Apple released is absolute garbage as far as "industry professionals" are concerned.


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The only reason I got into Blizzard games was because I owned a Mac when I was little. Not by personal choice but because my stepfather is a writer and mother a graphic deisigner so they used it for work. When he and my mother wanted to purchase me a game, there was a very slim selection of games for Macs- Blizzard games- so they got me Diablo 1 and Starcraft 1. I grew up on Macs. Again, not by choice, but those are the cards I was dealt.

And we come back to using a Mac because it's "what you're used to." I've used both. I think both are great for different styles of computing. Both get the job done. The way I look at Macs and PCs is like cars. Some cars' transmission is automatic, and some are manual. The Mac is like an automatic transmission (i.e. their "It just works" slogan), and the PC is like a manual transmission. The reason people like their PCs "customized" is because they like more control over what goes into their machine. Mac lovers just want a desktop/laptop that "works" when they take it out of the box. They don't want to be bothered with customization, add-ons, maintenance, etc.) They just want to hit the power button and start browsing the net (or writing their novel).

PCs aren't "dead." Neither are Macs. Both will survive far into the future, because there will always be people that don't want to be "inconvenienced," and here will always be people who want more "control" over what they do with their computer.

A perfect example of that is my fiance and I. I gave my MacBook Pro to her, because she is exactly like what I just described. If she tries to install a game or a program on Windows and it takes more than 2 and a half minutes to finish, she's pissed off. Me, on the other hand, I spend all day on computers video editing, and I like to have complete and total control over everything, from where and how I organize my file system, where my games and editing programs are installed (not just "everything in the applications folder" like Mac does it), and what hardware is in the machine so I can completely optimize it for both gaming and professional work.

So, back to the bottom line...

Blizzard isn't "on top" because of Macs. Macs aren't a "huge" portion of the market. They control 5% of the market for desktop/laptops (10% for the most optimistic estimations)... They're on top because they make good games, and at least to attempt to foster good relationships with their fans. City of Heroes is the longest-running MMO in the game right now, and I believe that's due not to it running on both platforms, but because their devs make a conscious effort to stay involved with the players on a regular basis.

More goes into making your company "one of the best" than making your games multi-platform.
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So just to be clear, you are saying Blizzard, who created monstrous classics like Warcraft and Starcraft on their own, is riding the coat tails of a studio who, when left to their own devices, made Hellgate London?

Hellgate: London was a great game.

They just didn't make money with it. They were so bad at making money, indeed, that they didn't have time to finish the great game they had.

Another company continued to operate Hellgate: London (In Korea), never went under (presumably due to a better business model and not needing to soak up the costs for actually making the game), fixed the game's bugs, and in fact have since acquired the licence to the game in America and are planning to re-release it, last I checked.
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Hellgate: London was a great game.<br /><br />They just didn't make money with it. They were so bad at making money, indeed, that they didn't have time to finish the great game they had.

Interesting article about hellgate, with Bill Roper. I particularly like this part, because it talks about why (I think) blizzard makes great games

Obviously, you know what your budget is, and you know when the money comes in, and you look at what's getting spent. It could have been a lot better in a lot of ways. Certainly on the day-to-day management, on the money side, on just trying to work toward...I think maybe a big one is just the fact that we knew how to develop based on what we'd done at Blizzard for the past 10 years. That development style can be extremely effective, but it also is dependent on at some point being able to say, hey, we need three more months or six more months to continue to iterate and polish. When we got to that stage, we didn't have that. There wasn't that additional, "Great, we'll give you another X million dollars to get you through the next amount of time." It was like, yeah, well, how are you guys going to pay for that? And we said, yeah, we can't, so I guess we're coming out. And that's a big challenge.

At Blizzard there was always the freedom, where if you could make your case, to whoever it was -- Cendant, Davidson and Associates, Vivendi -- whoever it was at the time: "This is why we need this much more time, [and] this is the benefit you're going to get out of it." And they would say, yeah, that makes a lot of sense -- take the next six months or whatever it would take. And that's great when you've got the financial backing that allows you to do that, but when you're an independent studio, you don't. Even when you realize, wow, we need more time, if you don't have the budget for it, and you can't get the money for it, you just can't do it. So you've got to ship the game.

A lot of it, too, is the fact that we set a date; we all agreed that we'd be able to hit that date; hitting that date was based on our past experience with Blizzard in terms of how long it took us to fix bugs and complexity and things like that. The marketing money got spent to do that. Once marketing starts happening, if you change the date, you've flushed that support. We said we've got to ship. As we started down that path, working on the bugs and things, there was so much more there, and it was so much more complex than we'd ever imagined, certainly far more than our experience had taught us. I think that's another area where maybe, indirectly, the Blizzard experience hurt us, where we based our expectations off, well, this is about how long things took there. Then we go there and realized not only do we have all the game stuff to debug, but we have all the online stuff to debug because this is our first title we're shipping with that, too. And we've got all these other things, different platforms to support. We're supporting XP and Vista. We're doing all these different languages. It all came together. We just couldn't get everything...


blizzards ontop because they make the best games. They take their time, develop great games and continue to support them.
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Macs are the industry standard for graphic design and mainstream video editing so of course they can pack a punch.
I couldn't stomach reading past here

For their price macs do not "pack a punch" their cost vs performance ratio is horrible and everything you can do on a mac you can do on a pc
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Alien one, calm down lol. That is entirely too big of a post.

I wasn't riled up to begin with, but ok...that's cool.
Don't know about accessibility for everyone.... D3 will be online play only.. what about those few who don't have internet or a good internet connection?
lol if only it was as simple as supporting macs...what's their market share again? OS X is like the RIM of the smartphone platforms, but with even less shares if I'm not mistaken. Now when was the last time you heard of any major gaming apps gaining successful due to Blackberry? Never. QED.
Ya, once again about the MACs.

MACs can run Windows emulators easy enough. It doesn't matter that a game is Windows only or not.

I would not buy a MAC simply because they are overpriced by about $500 for the same hardware, but I have seen multiple friends using MACs playing Windows only games.
lol mac
I know right? the next logical step to maintain as a top company is to make games portable for console and then portable devices.

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