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For me, anything that has the "Mighty Weapon" tag on it should far outstrip any other weapon of the same type and level in damage. In looking at the item list, I found that the weapons with the highest damage were the legendary normal weapons. . . by a lot in some cases

Anyone else see a problem with this?

One handed swords



Two handed




In both examples, the Mighty Weapon is the top one. Granted, there are normal legendary weapons with less damage, but I still think the Mighty ones should do the most damage in the game due to the amount of strength required to wield them.

What do you guys think?
I been trying to get responses to this !@#$ too. Best versions of 1 handed swords such as azurewrath and sever are better than 2 handers and 2 handed mightyweapons EXCEPT the 2 handed swords which are better than all the other 2 handers, but with a sever doing 259 to a gf doing 330 I'd rather shield and sword a sever. I think the 2 handers got a serious dmg nerf or somethin. I hope their dmg increases along with these property changes that are happening or 2 handers are boogus useless.
I kinda wish a blue would clarify if the straight damage aspect of the weapons are being worked on as well because the best 2 handers seem to be underpowered to the best 1 handers and mighty weapons seem to be not very mighty as well.
Some official clarification on what they're doing would be great. . .lol
11/18/2011 03:15 PMPosted by Grock
Some official clarification on what they're doing would be great. . .lol

I hope so I just don't like the idea of shield and sword being superior damage to a person with a 2 hander who has to sacrifice not having the shield. I always thought a 2 hander would roughly do twice the damage of a 1 hander, but this seems to not be the case if the good 1 handers outperform the Non-Sword 2 handers.
What I'm really hoping for is that class-specific weapons provide a boost as an incentive to use them. If monks, wizards, and witch doctors are carrying around 2-handed legendary swords at level 60 I will be highly disappointed in that aspect of the game.
At the risk of making any connections to another game(WoW), when you dual-wield there, you lose 50% of the dps output from the "offhand" weapon and end up doing the same damage as someone using a two-handed weapon when you add the 100% dps of the main-hand weapon with the 50% dps of the off-hand weapon. So, if you happened to have 2 legendary swords(highly unlikely as they're obnoxiously rare), it would come out just about equal with the 2 hander legendary(granted the same principles apply)!

Hope this helps somewhat! :D
For god's sake guys it says it on the item:<br /><br />LEGENDARY AND SET ITEMS ARE BEING WORKED ON.

That being said, I want a Mighty Shield. 2 hander!
Doesn't mighty just mean that its a barb weapon...?
So... slow weapons hit harder per hit?

Which class doesn't have both slow weapon and fast weapon strategies?
"Legendary and set items are being worked on, check back soon to see their stats!"
it also could be that in the set, more damage is given with 2h and more defense is given with 1h (as a set bonus)
For one, the Azurewrath looks to be one of the most godly weapons available, so I'm thinking it's rarity and lore-related-awesomeness gives it clearance to be straight up better than nearly every other weapon.

But as for the topic, I assume there is some bonus somewhere for a weapon being Mighty. Perhaps the Barbarian passive will actually make Mighty Weapons good. Maybe all Mighty Weaps will naturally come with a 5% chance to stun or something. It could just be that they say Mighty on them, and you are supposed to feel like a B.A. for using them.
Unless they change the current stats or bonuses on class weapons they seem broken. If everything is based off of dps then the WD will end up with a axe or sword and will leave his dagger back at home. the bonus for the dagger and mojo need to be pretty good which i havnt seen yet. So unless they get buffed both the WD and wizard wont be using either of their class weapons.
I want a 3 handed weapon
I think the mighty weapons will be better for the barbarian class due to added class bonuses. No doubt azurewrath will be epic for general play and will be better than a lot of other weapons even class specific, but then getting a mighty weapon requiring max level should probably give the barbarian enough skill bonuses and whatnot to offset the damage difference between the two weapons. On 1 handed weapons being more powerful than 2 handed I hope that doesen't happen in the end game since 1 handed should be weaker but attack faster, and 2 handed should attack slower but deal more damage.
i saw a blue post few weeks ago that they told us 2h weapon does ("only") 25% more damage than 1 hand weapon, i think its bashiok, i'll try find it again
I agree 100%.

I see no point in all the class weapons. Mighty weapons are weaker than weapons of the same type (1h, 2h) that are not "mighty." Wands are weaker than 1handed melee weapons. Fist weapons, same thing. The only class that is stuck with class specific weapons are Demon Hunters, but their damage is so awful anyway that they're hardly worth a mention.

Also, currently dual wield is far inferior to 2-handers. Using two 15 dps 1-handers I do much less dps than using one 17.5 dps 2-hander.
So... slow weapons hit harder per hit?

Which class doesn't have both slow weapon and fast weapon strategies?

It's not just the per-hit damage that's higher. The overall DPS is much higher. DPS of 2-handers is about 50% higher than dual wield option with weapons that have comparable stats (each 1-hander doing 20% less damage than 2-hander). Since attack speed is also about 30% slower, each 2-hander hit does almost double the damage of each 1-hander hit. Makes that Arcane Power much better spent.

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