Characters wiped with each patch?

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I just started up Diablo III a few minutes ago and had to patch. The patched finished and everything looked fine but when I logged in both my characters were just gone. So now I have to start a new one again. Is this going to happen every time there is a new patch? I sure hope not.
You scared me for a second.

But really, I just launched my client now and all of my characters are still there, and I didn't have too patch. I know with Patch #6 they introduced another character wipe.
Whether it did or didn't, your playing a beta, don't get too attached to your characters.
Major patches? Pretty much - it is the beta after all.
I guess you're right. I was a little upset about it though. Played a Demon Hunter for a good 6 hours. :(
6 Hrs? i put in around 200hrs before first wipe, then around 100hrs before second wipe, and im about to start it again lol, thats how beta goes, be grateful your in beta imo.
11/19/2011 11:31 PMPosted by Mythix
I guess you're right. I was a little upset about it though. Played a Demon Hunter for a good 6 hours. :(

Sigh, its not like it wasn't announced... and yes, you should expect a character wipe with every patch while in beta.
It's getting to the point that I would be genuinely frustrated to have my characters wiped again.
Yes it will. Get used to it. In Diablo 2 I had a level 60 warlock on a hardcore server. The server crashed and wiped my character. I can't begin to describe my pain.
Relax, it's not so bad, it's the game you are playing, not the toon that you are building up. Wait for release to get your real game on :D.
Just be grateful you are in the beta and focus on actually testing the game.
If you don't like it, then stop playing like I did so other people can potentially get an invite.

I only come on and play for a bit to see the new changes they've made and offer feedback. Other than that, there's really not a lot of reason to invest significantly into the beta.

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