wizards damage based off of 2 handed axe?

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You're all stupid. Go to the items page, the wizard class only items add damage to wizards in a way that will definitely outshine the benefit of using a 2h. Blizzard wouldn't let something like that slip through the cracks where every wizard wants (insert 2h name here) because its BiS.
The specialty wizard item, Orb I believe they called their weapon will supposedly give bonus to the wizard's spells, so it would be in their best interest to use them. Now as I suggested in another topic I would like to have the weapon switch back where you can hotkey between two sets of weapons and have a strong 2-hander on switch for that finishing blow.
I love this idea. I'm now actually going to make a battle Mage and I'm stoked about it.
11/23/2011 05:24 PMPosted by KhaydarinXxX
and why are monks able to use melee weapons, they are all about using their hand to hand physical combat...

So hand to hand combat is not counted as melee? What about knuckle weapons? Are they not melee either? Is physical combat not melee? I never knew.
I thought this was kind of interesting too, but it's actually kind of nice with the random loot. When you do happen to get rare drops, there's a much higher chance you'll be able to use it.

ie, I have been very unlucky with rare drops... however, i was able to use a nice two handed axe on my witch doctor for a while and it actually worked really well until I did finally get a witch doctor voodoo doll and a nice 1 hander.

much more variety in the equipment you can use. Sure its kind of weird being a wizard with a 2 hander, but I think most people will like being able to utilize almost all gear you loot.
Are people too stupid to understand this?

Clearly a barbarian type weapon is going to have less favourable stats for a wizard later in the game than a wizard wand or orb will.
and the reason why they allow it (even though a proper weapon be better) is because you have all these different weapon types....

so lets take for example Swords.

Barbarians use swords, but nobody else does (except maybe the templar) so that means swords are worthless to the DH(ranged) WD(caster) WZ(caster) monk(unarmed/fist/staff)... so youd have this item pool full of swords, usable by 1 class... and this then would also apply to pretty much every weapon in the game, like only DHs would use the 4 different types of ranged weapons, Wizards are the only ones who would use wands and orbs and staffs, WDs would be the only one using daggers.... but there are LOTS of different versions of the same weapon.

so... why not let a wizard use a Grandfather if they want to? it wont be the best but at least they can use it.
I look forward to my frail mage kicking butt using a Messerschmidt's Reaver.<br /><br />And you know you're going to love it too :)<br /><br />As of right now, there is no indication that different classes will have different attack speeds with the same weapon. If you want your mage to attack fast, then you use wands or one handed weapons. You want your mage to hit hard? You equip the Reaver.<br /><br />Some mages prefer not to use those free to cast spells at all.<br />

As for stats, it matters a lot what they put on the weapons. +to fury generation is not good for a mage. But increased attack (cast) speed will be good, increased crit chance will be good (provided they let spells crit), and increased damage will be good.

Besides, a barbarian could dual wield those same Reavers the mage has only one of. And he swings with them at the same time. In a sense, he's getting better use out of them.
This is a good thing. If you think back to old Diablo 2, if you so chose to, you could level a wizard with all attribute stats in strength and stamina, outfit her in full plate, sword and shield, and viola you have a Barbarian Sorceress. Of course this was not pratical in any way.

My point being that without us actually leveling our attribute points, which has been auto allocated based on class in the new game, you can now play the class selected with full customization within reason with your choices in skills and equipment. Which again if you think about it is all we really did in D2, picked your class and specialized them with style of play, because if you didn't once you got to hell mode you were pretty much hooped. So a wizard with a slow 2 handed weapon is going to do MORE spell damage and MORE casting time, and that has its uses, but if I find a one-handed sword with decent damage and less casting time, and I can equip a shield to save my !@# in close combat, then hell yes. Plus it seems the wizard has varying skills in close to long range damage, so if your not gonna kite with her (Which as far as I have seen is the most effective way to use her) suit her up in armor and sword/shield and you can attack with decent damage and set off a bunch of spells. She litterally has spells that compliment this type of style of play, its a beta guys, dont take my word for it go and DO. And I noticed people sighting the monk as well and why he uses weapons, and in my mind this is a stupid question, hes a MONK, highly trained in martial arts, and last time I checked weapons count as martial arts, in fact most people that take it seriously learn between 2-5 different weapons ranging from bo-staffs, to sickles and tonfas, chinese swords, katanas, naginatas, and such.
Diablo has always been really open item-wise which is a good thing if you ask me.
11/23/2011 05:51 PMPosted by KhaydarinXxX
i dont like how wizards and barbarians are competing for the same melee weapons.<br /><br />one should be more designed for physical combat, the other more magically enhanced.
So many wow players who have no idea what diablo is about complaining about retarded things that makes no sense...
<br /><br />Sorry that this game ain't like WoW
<br /><br />that makes no sense. i dont even play wow.
You obviously don't play diablo 2 either.
They need to let the Demon Hunter use two handed melee weapons, especially katana swords. Ninja builds look cooler w/ a two handed katana.
Everything about caster damage being based off weapon damage is good. That was a completely broken thing in D2. All casters were looking for in weapons was +skills or MF since they didn't need anything else. They had a distinct advantage over melee characters since all their skills were inherently maxed out for that level.

So casters would do more damage with crappier gear than melee and take less damage since all their skills were ranged abilities. With damage being based off weapons it definitely makes the damage each class is doing more balanced. And you don't feel like you too role a certain class\spec because it's clearly better than others.

It should also make loot hunting more compelling for casters, which also is a good thing since a the main reason to play\replay this game is based around that mechanic.

And not to mention it also opens more build possibilities. There will be incentive stats on more "RP" weapons (staves, wands, orbs) that would make them really hard to not use.

This was a brilliant move.
I don't know about brilliant. It seems really weird to have your melee weapon, that you never use, decide the damage output of a spell that is being cast. The argument about a 2h axe etc, is a bit far fetched as the orbs are typically pretty good. But, I found that it was often better to use a longsword or club instead of wand with the orb.

Another thing that bugs me is the inability to craft a wand. Maybe you need to level up smithing more, but I've never seen a wand in the build tree.
11/24/2011 05:05 PMPosted by ElectricBlue
I don't know about brilliant. It seems really weird to have your melee weapon, that you never use, decide the damage output of a spell that is being cast.

Does it feel weird/normal that your rings/weapons/armor somehow make demons drop more gold/better loot ?
11/24/2011 07:13 PMPosted by Renvex
Does it feel weird/normal that your rings/weapons/armor somehow make demons drop more gold/better loot ?

it's like that outside of the game as well.
Gamblers carrying a lucky rabbits foot to get more 'drops' at the casino (can't have been -that- lucky).

Some swear it increases the amount of gold that drops. ;)

A 2handed axe won't have a stat balance that makes it the best wizard weapon in the game.
Have faith in one of the most successful game development companies in the world.

An axe has a larger surface area to focus your magic through, but won't be as good as a wand that's designed to make casting spells easier.
The heavier the weapon, the longer it takes to wave it about in just the right way to get your spell off, which makes casting slower.

The higher the damage of the weapon, the greater the quality...and high quality should help magic damage. (fewer impurities in the metal to get in the way of the 'magic flow' etc).

There it is, some silly magic-physics I pulled out of nowhere.
Enjoy, or die.
Understandable that it makes sense for weapon damage and speed not to affect melee classes only, not casters. However, this creates balance issues since in this scenario the weapon is simply a stat stick for the caster, whereas the weapon is a vital tool for the melee. Thus it leads to the situation where weapons are far more important for melee than they are for casters.

This is a well understood concept and it's good to see that Blizzard has addressed it for D3.
Wizard weapons are better than axes for casters because of the bonuses. It's not just about damage.
11/24/2011 05:05 PMPosted by ElectricBlue
Another thing that bugs me is the inability to craft a wand.

You can definitely craft a wand in fact I think you can craft a rare wand but it will require to high of a level. You need to level the blacksmith up more, I know for a fact you can do it.

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