Bored? Join my 8 player hardcore D2 game!

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Starting a fresh 8 player hardcore game on D2 LOD USEAST after finding 8 people
Fresh level 1 characters

We go until 1 person is left or if people get bored before that, we pvp to see who wins.

Post if you want in and what character you'll make.
me barb
Heh, if this is the real Athene I hope someone rats you out to a lvl 99 PK toon.
I'll join as a pally. what channel are we meeting in?
Fake Athene.
Join channel:

Need 5 more! I'm playing as a necro methinks
Need 4 more.
Tentatively interested. Haven't played much D2 beyond normal, don't know the optimal builds.

Play with us. Experience a classic the best way for it to be played
need mooorrreeeee
Join channel "Athene" when you're ready Rofl
Need 4 more.
I'm playing as a meditation pally.
starting soon... come quick
brb, making a USEast account.
Awesome. Need 3 more! Starting soon though, don't miss out on the fun
Okay we're starting
Feel free to still join, game name is

goodluck guys xD

This kind of thing is called Ironman. A few noteworthy builds are
lvl 9
Poison Java zon (pain in the !@#, makes for long fights due to hit and run, use antidotes
Holy Fire pally (sacrifice, put a bow with poison on wep switch)
Assasin kicker
Assassin tiger strike (either norm with shield or dragon claw with 2 claws
Barb - Bash / double swing

Level 13
Druid - Fissure
Zon - poison java
Pally - holy fire zeal
Assasin - pretty much any
Barb - double swing or bash

Unfortunately I don't have the game here, I'm on vacation, or I would join u guys, but have fun. Hope my suggestions make for an interesting battle. Have fun, and Happy Thanksgiving

<< Edit >>

Oh wow you're hitting the level 18 mark? At this point just about any build can be good then, this is obviously no longer considered ironman, it's straight up just PvP or PK lol I would go with a bowzon guided arrow and you just pray that I don't find a regular quality gem or like a tal/ral/ort rune or it's gonna be devastating haha.

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