damage meters built into game?

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In Diablo, most stuff will die within a couple hits. You don't stand in one spot beating on something where a DPS meter could in theory help. If you can't get a shot off before your friend kills stuff, try a different build, or spells. Or the ultimate test, if you notice your friend kills stuff in 2 hits, and it takes you 27, probably a good indicator.
11/24/2011 07:22 PMPosted by Déàth
In Diablo, if you can't realize you're doing terrible, you kind of deserve to fail.
QFT<br /><br />As already stated, something like this would definitely do more harm than good. You WILL have players harassing other players for low DPS if something like this was implemented.

well maybe they should remove a little bit of their magic find and put on some more dps gear in this case. instead of wiping on a boss and finding out the hard way. (esp on HC mode)
well maybe they should remove a little bit of their magic find and put on some more dps gear in this case. instead of wiping on a boss and finding out the hard way. (esp on HC mode)

You know what was great about diablo 2? There were rarely ever !@#$%^-s or jerks or elitist pricks telling you how much you suck. Do you know why? Because no one cared how much anyone else was doing. Adding a way to measure damage done and DPS is giving people a way and a reason to harass other players.

In diablo 2 I never had a single time where I saw someone get harassed for not pulling their weight. You would have people doing kick assassin builds, poison zons, or nova sorces. They didn't do too great, but that's what they wanted to do, and people respected that.

Recount will only give birth to elitists and hatred, neither of which belong in Diablo 3.
There is no reason to optimize damage since damage is not what wins you fights in diablo.
It's about not running face first into a pile of enemies and thinking you can survive.

11/24/2011 07:39 PMPosted by Déàth

Isn't Mephisto the lord of Hate?
11/24/2011 06:59 PMPosted by Kendroxide
This isn't WoW

I would like xp/hr or kills/hr metrics. Kills are just for fun. XP is so that I can tell if the area that I'm killing stuff in is worth my time to clear every mob or if I should just focus on getting to the end objective. If they don't give xp/hr automatically, I'm just going to hand calculate it while being annoyed.
11/24/2011 07:04 PMPosted by KhaydarinXxX
This isn't WoW
<br /><br />obviously, but from what i remember one of the most enjoyable parts of doing dungeons in wow is knowing how much damage your doing vs the other people in your party.<br /><br />no reason why they cant use the good/ interesting things from their older games

That's really sad, that one of the most enjoyable things you remember from dungeons in wow was knowing how much damage you did compared to others. Not just sad for you but sad for the game too.
oh dear god I hope not.

please no
what the hell is damage meters? some 3rd party WoW program?
11/24/2011 06:50 PMPosted by KhaydarinXxX
with mods and 3rd party programs being not allowed, is blizzard implementing a in game version of damage meters etc etc to make group play more involved and competitive

The simple answer is no. Your gear tells you your damage per second, and somewhere in your character stats you should be able to see it in more detail.

To give you the broader picture, the bulk of the group play as you put it will be at low level to level up, then inferno will probably be private games mfing.
A dmg meter would mean they'd have to be accountable to balancing classes... which they've already said they're throwing out the window.
No. This is NOT WoW so stop trying to make it into WoW. Sure bringing over a few good ideas from other games is fine but useless tools like this is not one to copy over. So no.
11/24/2011 07:01 PMPosted by Toyodah
performance is not about sustained damage .. it's about keeping your tail alive while you dish out the damage needed to kill stuff.
Go back to WoW.

I am totally against something that would make the co-op portion of the game competitive.

However, I would like to see a dps meter for myself. I agree with the argument that it shouldn't be shown for other players. Yes, the game has dps already displayed but it doesn't account for skills. So it would be nice to know the dps I'm dishing out.

Some say, diablo is all about kill rate, but isn't higher dps = faster kill rate?

For me, the dps is just for personal efficiency rather as something to use competitively. I want better gear so I can kill faster and for me , a meter will help me determine if I'm headed in the right direction.

Or maybe, I want to throw in some magic find gear and sacrifice some damage.. but how much damage am I actually giving up?

And just because something was used in another game, I don't think it justifies not bringing it into D3. If it worked well in another game, why not implement it as long as it fits into the D3 world/game play mechanics?
All the naysayers in this thread were at the bottom of the meters in WoW.

"The horror the horror! I don't want see the stats that define how !@#$ty I am!"

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